Florie Namir “I Wanna Be In Love”

It’s debut release time! This time it’s an EP full of jazzy goodness!

Born in Tel Aviv and now living in the UK, Florie Namir is an artist who creates warm and beautiful jazz-pop songs. Her compositions include a healthy breeze of string sections flowing effortlessly through a jazzy atmosphere. Her voice feels as gentle as a summer morning, with boldness and wisdom running underneath. She had recently released a single titled “Far Far Away”, which gave us the first taste of Florie’s artistry.

That same single has now become the first song of Florie Namir’s debut EP dreamily titled “I Wanna Be In Love“. The EP is home to 5 tracks with total runtime of 22 minutes. Those minutes will be spent with some of the most heartwarming music with a strong festive feel in the floating jazz-pop soundscapes. It’s not a Christmas album if that’s what you think now – instead, it’s an audio diary of life in its glory and sorrows. Written reflecting the period of living in the US, the release touches on themes of homesickness, loneliness, and appreciation of all experiences big and small.

The album starts with emotive strings of “Far Far Away”, a song beginning a relatively stripped back and then expanding into a pure jazzy experience. Even if the lyrics express frustration and sadness, the song itself feels eternally light and comforting. The EP takes a turn into movie soundtrack-like sounds in “Piece of My Soul”, a dynamic and flowing song with storyteller lyrics and smoothest instrumentation.

That’s followed by a wintery, almost Christmassy song “Time is Melting Down”. This track soothes and sways in the comfort of knowledge of having friends and loved ones thinking of you even when they’re far away. That softness is taken over by the title track “I Wanna Be In Love With You”, a song with considerably more seducing instrumentation and sweet brass melodies. The EP ends with “Kindness”, a slow magical jazz song where every instrument offers so much intricacy to the atmosphere lead on by her singing voice and lyrics full of the wisdom of experience.

Each song has a lot of personal goodness to offer and together they make for some of the best half an hour of music to listen to whenever you’re feeling a little blue or just looking for wonderful soft music. It won’t smack you in the face like a conventional pop song would, but if you love anything jazzy and appreciate the well-crafted instrumentation and beautiful vocals, this EP is definitely for you!

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