Fritillaries “Working Late”

Fresh single from a fresh artist – what else could be more exciting for a music lover? This single is exactly that and much more, so read on to learn more about Fritillaries and their new song!

Fritillaries is a new alias of two Bristol-based artists Hannah Pawson and Gabriel Wynne who write delightful Americana-influenced music. The duo is not new to the scene though – they were previously known as Rainy Day Woman. Their airy and gentle sound took a turn towards more intimacy and quietness during 2019. Falling in love with composing delicate soft songs in addition to more upbeat material, the name change came by as naturally as the evolution of their sound – a reflection of growth reaching a new stage.

The new alias has just released its debut single “Working Late“, a brooding and emotional song full of strings and an undying flame that won’t go out even in the windiest days. It’s a flame of anger that came to be from Hannah’s employment as a social worker. Witnessing how unfairly the system treated asylum seekers, as well as the gloom of departure, separation, and endless waiting, she left the job broken and hurt from the inability to help. That’s the story told by her singing voice. It’s easy to hear the sighs and sadness in the voice as well as the surrounding melancholy instrumentation.

It’s a serious song. At the same time, it’s impossible to notice the wonderful instrumental arrangements – the boldness in strings and that physically light but emotionally heavy feel in the song’s atmosphere represented well by the strumming guitars and her vocals flowing in union with the violin. It’s a strong debut for the new alias for sure. Fritillaries have more coming up too – the duo is working on their debut album set to release in summer 2022. There’s a Kickstarter running for that which you can check out and support here!

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