Indigo Daydream- “How Would it Feel to Know the Truth”

Directly inspired by The Matrix and Alice in Wonderland, Indigo Daydream’s newest single “How Would It Feel to Know the Truth” is a psychedelic single that delves into our own existence to question everything we deem truth. Indigo Daydream makes us feel like if we were inside that fragile dimension between dream and reality.

Nick Cheshire of Indigo Daydream

“How Would it Feel to Know the Truth” is the second single by Indigo Daydream following their debut “Life Might Not Be Real“. The project is headed by multi-instrumentalist Nick Chesire. In their music, Indigo Daydream mixes surreal images with existential dread alongside echoey guitars, vocals, and synth-heavy backdrops to create a unique, extremely atmospheric soundscape that makes us feel like we were traveling between dimensions.

“How Would…” is a track that heavily relies on our senses to transmit the ideas and feelings it wants to explore. Its reverb on guitars and vocals makes us feel as if they were coming from another distant place. A place found in dreams. As such, as they appear and disappear, they make us feel immersed in the sound, as we lose and find ourselves again: Finding ourselves transformed, unrecognizable to oneself. Listening to Indigo Daydream is similar to that feeling of getting lost in a hall of mirrors. We are in an ever-expanding space that seems infinite. To find the exit, we need to be extremely aware of our surroundings, clashing with our distorted image along the way. In the same sense, the sounds of “How Would…” seem familiar, yet different in a way we cannot fully put into words. The track challenges our senses of perception and asks us if we truly exist.

“How Would it Feel to Know the Truth” by Indigo Daydream is an unmissable track that takes our existence to another level. Its atmosphere is unique and, as the name of the project suggests, feels like a daydream we see while awake.

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