Jaia Lyne “Mad At Myself”

Jaia Lyne voices her grievances over a relationship with someone who holds wrong intentions in her laidback single, ‘Mad At Myself’.

A model, actress and singer-songwriter, Jaia Lyne is an all rounder when it comes to performance and self-expression. Born in Los Angeles, the Filipino-American star has a long history being involved in the entertainment industry, which has provided new points of view and perspectives that have helped her develop a three-dimensional sound, too.

Heavily influenced by the saying her acting teachers have taught her, it being “Creativity does not live in the thinking mind. Creativity lives in the speaking mind, so get it on its feet.”, Jaia Lyne is always striving to improve and find new ways to make her imagination and vision come to life. Her music is characterized by her graceful and elegant harmonies.

The track was composed and produced by Jesse Aaron, colleague and former classmate Lyne met in 2015, in their freshman year at San Diego State University. It was also recorded in Aaron’s studio in Woodland Hills, California. 

Jaia Lyne keeps things mysterious and ambiguous in her song, though merely from the title and chorus line “I’m mad at myself cause I told myself I wouldn’t picture it in my head”, the story begins to unfold until fans get an idea of a full picture; a song about getting your hopes up and being lead in a multitude of directions until you can’t figure out what you’re meant to believe, Mad At Myself is the aftermath of a complicated relationship the artist went through. 

“I’m notorious for fantasizing about a life with the person I’m dating,” Lyne shared. “So, when I started dating a guy that lived 3 hours away from me I told myself not to do that. And well, old habits seem to die hard because I wrote “Mad At Myself” shortly after.”

Complemented by the beat — inspired by Zanski’s Fool punk bass, the 1975’s energy, and Ariana Grande’s current sound—, Lyne’s unique singing style carries the track into a higher level, distinguishing it from other songs about similar subjects. Her signature harmonies are still present, and they manage to make the experience feel ethereal despite the negative feelings found in Lyne’s voice. 

For lovers of cinematic music videos and emotionally driven plot-lines, the Mad At Myself music video will no doubt bring satisfaction. Full of intrigue, the video switches between gorgeous shots of Lyne and a story of a romance doomed by wrong intentions. With a vibe similar to Tarantino’s Kill Bill, and blending oriental and samurai characteristics with modern styles and settings, this adds a new layer of fascination to the narrative portrayed in the lyrics, meant to make you rave even more. It stands as a testament of Lyne’s artistic vision and her creativity and makes listeners wonder how she will achieve a third, fourth, and so on bewitching songs. 

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