Please do not get confused as I did. It is not a coincidence that a group named “Merry Christmas” decides to release a song in December. And even if the single’s title could be a great name for an indie-rock ensemble, it is actually a song about a creation myth of three sisters who created the entire universe while making a whole load of noise.

The Japan-based indie group presents a quirkiness that is rarely seen. Their curious experimentation and juvenile approach towards their music make Merry Christmas a unique and unexpected treat.

The Flying Trombone Sisters – 2021” is very, very fun. Original and with a lot of nerdy-ness to it. This five-piece created by Ben, Yuki, Matt, Joe-Joe, and Barihi reminds us of the folk-driven tunes and essence of Neutral Milk Hotel, The Music Tapes, and The Microphones.

Without a doubt, a fresh proposal and a very entertaining vibe are delivered. An explosion of energy, melodies, and… trombones! The single is also accompanied by a hilarious (and a bit weird) music video created by these guys and a green screen. Cheerful, epic, and with a lot of noise.

This was recorded while we were working on our album ‘The Night The Night Fell’. Both were recorded in a local community centre in the Tokyo ward of Shinjuku. Between takes, we would walk out past a traditional tatami matted room where old folks would go to play Go. Our room also had an ancient karaoke machine and sometimes, if we turned up early, we’d hear businessmen using it before our sessions.” – Merry Christmas

First-time listeners should expect a lot of energy, a lot of fuzz, a catchy chorus, and lyrics that mix nonsense rhyme and weird fiction.

“We were heavily inspired by bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, The Music Tapes and The Microphones when we wrote this. This is actually a rerecording of a very old track of ours that we originally tried to record ourselves. We basically didn’t do a great job the first time and wanted to make sure it got a properly decent production before it was slapped in the history books. This version is the result. We recorded it in a community centre in Shinjuku ward, where old folks go to play Go or sing karaoke in worse-for-wear little board rooms. This was at the same time as recording our EP Dark Forest Be Gone. And then we sat on it for a few years. Eventually, we found ourselves within access of a green screen and the idea for the video emerged. Once we had that edited we knew it had to get out there.” – Merry Christmas

Charming and with a nice dose of cute, this band is going places.

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