Red Skies Mourning- “Deep Moonlight”

Love may come in moments when we least expect it. Sometimes we feel as we have found it when we really haven’t. Other times, we find it, but in an unfortunate time: when we are not really sure that what we are feeling is truly real. Such is the emotion that Red Skies Mourning covers in his newest release. “Deep Moonlight” is a chill, emotional rock-pop/R&B track that dives into our inner emotions, saying all those things that we were once afraid to say because we thought it was not the right time.

Red Skies Mourning is the project headed by Chris Aleshire, which has been gaining notoriety after the release of his singles  “Light Of Mine” and “Paralyzed”. Inspired by figures such as Post Malone and Chris Cornell, as well as videogames like The Legend of Zelda, Red Skies Mourning produces a sound that mixes rock, R&B, hip-hop, and videogame soundtracks. With “Deep Moonlight”, Aleshire collaborates alongside songwriter Ryan Curtis and producer Cesar Da Emperor to bring to us a track that highly enhances his sound.

The beats of “Deep Moonlight” go hard. They establish an overall relaxing attitude that perfectly mixes with Red Skies Mourning’s vocals, alongside the background chords that seem to be taken straight out of A Link to the Past. The track’s biggest achievement is how it manages to create a harmony between its musical prowess and its themes of love, retaining its emotional core. It strikes the perfect balance by mixing nostalgia with love and heartbreak as if we were remembering that special relationship.

“Deep Moonlight” is a track that makes us remember the past: what could’ve been vs. what was. Red Skies Mourning scratches that itch of emotional tracks that are able to retain an exciting new sound with a beat that catches our attention since the first bars of the tracks. Give it a listen!

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