Jules – “Feeling Myself”

“Love is Love”, that’s what they say and I agree. Far from the confusing labeling of sexuality that dominates today’s society, in the end, we feel what we feel and that’s ok. Today’s artist wrote down all of her thoughts of her own experiences with sexuality and embellished them in a nice Hip-Hop/R&B track.

Jules is a British-born Chinese artist, proud of her heritage and always on the search of who she is and who she can be. In the pursuit of such answers, the artist uses the tools of poetry, rap, and spoken word to communicate. Whether it is by writing in her diary or spitting bars on a track, Jules manifests all of her inner wisdom and vision in a poetic and smart way.

“Feeling Myself” is a single from Jules’s new EP titled “Identity: Who Am I”, a six-track EP born from Jules’ diary pages. A mix of hip/hop, trap, R&B, and spoken word with chilled vibes and a sense of defiance and determination to never give up on who we are.

Experimenting with rhymes and melody, Jules has a unique story-telling ability filled with wit and grace. Her unique style and the messages she delivers make her and her talent something to truly appreciate fully!

Working with US indie-pop singer-songwriter TONIE (formerly Wind Meets West), “Feeling Myself” is super chilled and TONIE’s beautiful voice really ends to give life to the track. Jules’s verses convey her thoughts and struggle with bisexuality as the beat carries us away ever so smoothly.

The backstory of the EP is that it has been an idea of mine to explore and create a project out of since 2019. Since identity is such a huge topic to tackle, the planning process of the EP went through many thinking processes. With guidance from Capo Lee (who is featured on the track ‘The Truths’), I created a mind map of aspects of my identity, which then turned into chapters of my story and eventually, tracks for the EP. While everyone including myself were affected by national lockdowns due to COVID-19, I personally utilized this time to learn and discover my identity all over again. The best way to describe the EP is that it’s like a couple of pages pulled out from my diary!” – Jules

The EP counts with the production skills from UK-based producers IZCO, Sterling Reigns, and P.Salm. It is already out so if you like this single you might wanna check out the whole EP!

“I always advise to take the time to really listen to my music. ‘IDENTITY: WHO AM I’ has many intricate details from the production to the storytelling that will need concentration and a couple of listens. Expect lyricism, real truths and heavy bass sounds that will vibrate through your chests!” – Jules

You can find Jules on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify. If you enjoy her music and are able to provide monetary support, you might consider downloading it on Bandcamp.

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