The Lowtones “Breaking Out”

We’re glad to announce that Norwich, United Kingdom-based post-punk/alternative rock band The Lowtones have released a new single, entitled “Breaking Out.”

The Lowtones are Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio (vocals), Jack Abbott (guitar), Tim Cary (bass guitar), and George Abbott (drums), who formed the band in Norwich in February 2020. Mav and Jack went to high school together, while Jack and George are brothers, and George and Tim met through playing football together. Their name comes from the fact that they tune their guitars to D standard tuning… and also because they often lower the tone.

Influenced by the British post-punk bands of the ‘80s (The Smiths, The Cure, Joy Division) and the bands of the early/mid 00’s such as Interpol and Bloc Party, The Lowtones played the BBC Introducing stage at Wild Paths Festival in October this year, as well as having played some great shows at The Waterfront and Voodoo Daddy’s Showroom in Norwich. “Breaking Out” is The Lowtones’ first release recorded with producer Gavin Bowers at Catch 21 Records. In early 2022, the band will also release a full EP of songs recorded at Catch 21.

Describing the inspiration and meaning behind “Breaking Out,” lead singer ‘Mav’ says:

This track is essentially about feeling trapped and suffocated by a situation that you don’t want to be a part of. It’s intended to carry an uplifting message of escaping and overcoming something, which is rare in comparison to what we usually go for. The Tempo and duration of the track have both added a lot of intensity and urgency to the vibe. The artwork is a photograph by our guitarist Jack Abbott (I didn’t tell him to say that!) and it depicts the message perfectly, giving the impression that you’re tunnelling your way out and finding that freedom.

This track signifies a bit of a change of sound for The Lowtones, as the first release of a number of tracks they have recorded with a more punchy, driving sound. Their first, self-recorded album wore it’s early 80’s new wave/post-punk influences on its sleeve, and was generally recorded at a slower pace with more “jangly” guitar sound and more swing; whereas “Breaking Out” ushers in a new pace and driving urgency. 

Musically, The Lowtones were at least partly inspired by the current times; there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty at the moment, the band have sought to capture that in their sound. There are a lot of themes in the lyrics about isolation and loneliness, difficult break-ups, and unrequited love, which lots of people will be able to relate to on some level; but at the same time, the music is upbeat and catchy, so listeners can just as easily dance to it. 

“Breaking Out” begins with a low, driving electric guitar chord progression underscored by deep bass notes and sustained by propulsive drumming. The track’s compelling verses and anthemic choruses are accompanied nicely by dynamic guitar melodies, eventually culminating with the layers of guitars weaving together to highlight the track’s final chorus. “Breaking Out,” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, reflecting their brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of post-punk, indie, and alternative rock alike.

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