Electric High a perfect rock single “Rough Diamond”

It’s been 10 long months since we first had Electric High, these hard rockers on board in our blog. Time after time the band has proven to be one of the most talented and passionate hard rock fellas out there today. And this time, the Norwegian band, Electric High, makes a comeback with a prodigious and lavishing tune about hazardous conduct in life, love, and gambling.


Digging for diamonds is dirty work, and Rough Diamond is solid proof of that.

After their last trippy single, Populate The Moon, Electric High now spoils us with a much heavier, and tastier, banger. A song as tough as diamond, bringing the heat of a thousand Suns. Aggressive, vibrant, and prosaic “Rough Diamond” is the perfect rock tune that we’ve been wanting to hear.

Kinda like a rollercoaster, the song starts with a flaming guitar riff quickly accompanied by its twin and the heavy-hand groove of the drums. Without a doubt, one of the most particular things about this band is their two lead singers, something that is rarely seen in rock groups and definitely accomplishes a unique sound and personality.

Vocal melodies are both melodic and raw, high screeches and soft singing can be found in this mix of versatility and amalgamation. Attitude-filled riffs perfectly blent with punishing drum fills and well connected compositions make of this track one of the best rock performances of this 2021.

And to celebrate further the band’s release, we had a little interview full of interesting backgrounds and the road of Electric High so far. You can read it here, only on Less Than 1000:

MDZN: I love the idea of two-lead singers, could you tell us a bit more about how you came to this decision and how has the creative process been so far?

EH: Well… me and the other singer, Olav, have been good friends for a long time. And have also been working together in other music project. I also think we have the same approach live… energy, going for the throat, giving the audience a great party. So when I decided to put together a solid rockband, it felt quit obvious for me to ask Olav to be a part of the band. 

I have been playing with my good friend and bassplayer, Ein, for 32 years. So he was also an obvious friend to ask to join the band. And I had just started to play with our drummer, TB, on other projects. Marius, our guitarist, came in with the band through Ein. 

Now it’s been 3 years since we’ve started Electric High. And we’ve released 10 singles and 2 EP´s. The creativity is growing so far. Working a lot in the studio, to get the rock songs that we want to represent Electric High. And we’re looking forward to soon put together a full album.

MDZN: All of you have different backgrounds and played in different bands before coming together, would you say that all this past experience has had a positive impact in the way you all relate and how you work? If so, how?

EH: I believe that our different background, kind of forms our rock and roll. It’s a balance there… not too melodic, not too heavy, not too gentle… And our balance is what makes our songs how they are. Olav origins from Sagh, which is a band who is far heavier than us. Ein origins from Emmerhoff and the melancholy babies: An indie/art/melancholy band.

Marius has been playing with rock bands like Faith Circus. And TB has been a professional session drummer with the greatest artists in Norway since he was 15. Myself I have focused on indie-pop/rock for many years, in projects like Pv & The Heheheeey`s and Jingo Kong. So I guess the different blend of all this, is what make the Electric High sound.

MDZN: I’d like to know the vision you have of Rock as a band, and its impact on society. What inspired you to walk down this path, and what have been the rewards so far?

EH: We have to admit that so far we haven’t gained too much. Some good reviews…. Like 8/10 in Classic Rock and others. Some radio playings. And live gigs…. It has been a catastrophe. Our debut concert was about to happen a week after Norway closed down because of Covid. And it has been closed down more or less since then. So this have been rough times. A live gig one year ago, is all we´ve got so far with this band. But we are ready to rock when this is over!!!

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