LAWRN “Everything”

LAWRN brings forth the right amount of reassurance to end the year on a good note and full of love in their latest single, making sure we feel ‘Everything’ as intensely and beautifully as they do. 

LAWRN is a three-member alternative pop band based in London. Debuting in 2019 — though the band was officially formed a year prior — with their EP Pretty Things, friends and bandmates Andy, Ollie, and Harm have been sharing their dreamy soundscapes and their profound love for elements from the past such as sounds from the ’80s, fashion from the ’90s and love as a whole for over three years now. 

Having quite a comforting and home-like vibe, the trio’s music is a blend of the present and the past, merging their remembrances with positive emotions from the present in yet another outstanding type of future nostalgia that has recently taken over media and our hearts.

Released on the twenty-sixth of November, their most recent single, Everything, is a touching dream-pop track with soft-as-cotton synths that will make you feel on cloud nine. The track was produced by Superheat, an artist they’ve been working with for their past three releases.

The track Everything is dedicated to Amber; those not associated on a personal level with the LAWRN members might not know the person this song is meant for, or the reasons behind said dedicatory, yet one does not have to know the full story to feel the reassurance and love that permeates every note, every word sung in the track. The delicacy of every element that makes up Everything is one that can only be achieved when the creator is putting their entire mind and heart into it, and it is something notable from the very beginning up to the last note. 

With lyrics such as “I don’t need anything, I just need you” and the general lovey-dovey feeling of the song, listeners can get a general idea of the emotions and story behind Everything. This also allows listeners to project their own feelings and memories onto the song, and it definitely has the potential of becoming part of a heartfelt playlist meant for those close to you or the one your heart belongs to. 

Being LAWRN’s personalised take of synth-pop, fans of artists such as the 1975, Lauv, and LANY will be able to find influences of their beloved musicians, as the four of them have a similar ring and energy. Yet the band keeps this easy-to-digest sound captivating, and the best showcase of their talent and own sound is displayed as we near the song’s outro, where a synth solo that’s full of life and euphoria is awaiting listeners to make sure they’re never able to forget this song.

Although Everything is the only song the band released this year, LAWRN still manages to stay on the mind of anyone who has the fortune of coming across their music, and in my case, snagging a spot in my positive 2021 hits playlist. 

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