Unruly Mane “Gin”

Sometimes you really really want something, but for one reason or another, you can’t have it. You could complain about it, just walk off disappointed.. or you could make a song about it. The latter is what Unruly Mane did about a favourite drink that was banned by certain circumstances.

Unruly Mane is a New York-based duo consisting of Leea and Steve Scarola. United by love (they’re married) and mutual love for music and their Irish-Italian roots, the two make stomping singalong music full of good earthly energy. That energy is strongly reminiscent of hot smoky evenings at a pub spent dancing to a performing local band that has managed to blow everyone’s mind with being simply awesome. Drinks keep on flowing and so does the music. The same goes for Unruly Mane’s creative output.

The duo’s newest single is “Gin“, an upbeat song driven by strumming guitar and enamoring vocals of Leea. The single was written during the time of pregnancy, and as a result, the song carries the mouthwatering daydreaming taste of gin, the drink she wanted to have once her son was born. Fun and cheerful song that sounds like a celebration to have.

The lyrics of this song were directly inspired by her husband enjoying a new brand of gin. Unable to actually taste any of it, she decided to join in on the fun through music instead, and the result is one partying song with endless feel-good vibes. In fact, it’s so good you might not even need a drink to accompany, instead, you can feast on what feels like a happy and joyful event at a local pub, without having to go out of the house.

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