Amanda Pappalardo- “Addicted to You”

This week’s featured single is about a relationship one knows is not any good, but we can’t keep away from it. Nowadays, it is easier to notice when someone is in a toxic relationship of any kind (work, couple, etc.), yet we don’t really realize how difficult it is to escape from one. Amanda Pappalardo’s new single “Addicted To You” reflects on this issue. With just her guitar and her voice, Pappalardo is able to share with us an emotional, edgy, and hard-hitting track for those that are or were once in this type of relationship.

Amanda Pappalardo is a singer-songwriter based in southern California. She decided to focus on music after taking a break while studying in college. Her previous release, “High Heels” launched her on the scene by proving her talent as a singer and as a songwriter. “Addicted to You” follows this path with powerful lyrics and chords. This new track marks her debut with a completely acoustic single.

Pappalardo takes full advantage of the acoustic sound of “Addicted to You” to fill the track with emotion. She proves that she does not need more than her voice and her guitar. As her lyrics recognize a toxic relationship to which she has become addicted, her vocals express all of the emotion and beyond of being stuck in this type of relationship. Accompanying her is her guitar that sings along, making a perfect match. The chords she plays carry us through the track’s difficult emotions as if we were going down a rocky river. Amanda Pappalardo shows us does not to hold back when handling heavy emotions.

“Addicted to You” is an edgy track dedicated to all of those stuck in difficult relationships. Amanda Pappalardo shows the mastery of her voice and guitar as a tool to transmit direct and raw emotions. It is a track you must not miss!

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