Lydia Briggs “Fall Back To You”

Lydia Briggs, the up-and-coming young pop artist who recently released “Daylight” has returned again. She is one of those creative people who found their passion while being just children, and in the case of Lydia, that passion has kept her pushing onwards – and now she’s a recording artist releasing singles at the age of 17. Despite the young age, her songs feel much more mature and serious than one would expect. Piano (the instrument she has played since she was 5), strings, and her voice create moody powerful ballad sound.

Her newest single “Fall Back to You” continues the serious line, perhaps taking it even a step further into the pensive dark moodiness. It’s a song running on top of rolling drums, breaking and weeping electric guitar, and a piano note ominously repeating itself like the emotionally wrecking circumstances described in the lyrics. The song’s described as “death march” by the artist, and it truly does sound that way as well – it’s a song of echoing heartbreak, emptiness, and self-deprecating hopelessness. Really dark stuff.

It’s a masterfully written song. For some reason, it reminds me of adults not taking depressed teens seriously. People seem to forget about the darkness that’s experienced by young people is exactly as real as that experienced by adults. This song shows it loud, clear, and quite painfully. “Fall Back To You” may as well be the soundtrack of being lost and not knowing any better even if it hurts and makes you feel miserable.

A cathartic song which, if you end up relating to it heavily, may become your most intimate friend. In this case, I’d definitely recommend also checking out Lydia’s other singles as well, for added light and more of her stunning vocal skills.

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