Polemics outstanding EP”The Sesh”

An outstanding performance, a pristine recording, and a masterful mix. One of the best EPs released in 2021, hands down. Polemics, a former Bristol duo (now trio) have brought to our attention what is possibly one of the best Math-rock/Punk albums of the year: “The Sesh“.


A four-track EP that reminds us of great genre-bending performances like those of The Mars Volta, IDLES, and Smashing Pumpkins. The production is great, the composition: flawless, and the concept is just captivating. It gets a hold of you quickly!

Guitar, bass, and drums. That’s really all you need! Of course with the melodic help of a few vocals and synths to add detail and depth. This EP BY Polemics is a mix of grunge, punk, and math-rock, a perfect introduction to the band if you haven’t heard of them before. Brainy, heavy, and with a pop sensibility, “The Sesh” is what we’ve been expecting this whole time.

Opening up with the title track, “The Sesh” welcomes us aboard with a pair of skipping guitars, and groovy, percussive drums. Math-Rock at its finest. Turning up the beat as the song advances, the skipping guitars begin to deliver well-thought dissonances with a small bridge that leads us to the full, heavy beat of the song. As I said, guitar, bass, and drums. That’s all you need! An excellent beginning. Wait for the high-reaching vocals at the end!

Track 2, “Prangering” turns up the heat and the Punk attitude. Huge beating drums and a dirty bass present the backbone of the track, while the vocals rage against God knows what (It’s hard to understand the lyrics with all the awesomeness on the back). Whole lotta noise, furious guitars, and atomic synths vibrate with a heavy attitude. The most energetic track.

Track 3 was a surprise. “Arm Out Of Mouth” presents a more stable beat and a different kind of vocals. Energy appears to go down with its more chilled, groovy, ethereal vibe. Strangely, this track reminds me of The Smiths and Morrissey’s sad melodies. A mix of shimmering reverbs and echoing delays make this track a perfect breather from the explosive energy of the previous tracks. Smooth, sad, electric, and spatial. Love it!

And finally, “The Sesh” comes to its inevitable end with a super weird track. “Datais” is just incredible. Super original and funky. Quirky, playful, and irreverent. Unpredictable guitar riffs, screeching melodies, walking bass, and machine-like synths. As the song starts to fade away we can only wish it was longer, much more longer. But all good things must come to an end, and so “The Sesh” finds its closure, gaining its place amongst one of the most original and interesting EPs out there.

Polemics are Nathan Smith, Jeff Ingle (Yo No Se), and recently added Rafael Martins (ex-Chang)

The Sesh EP was recorded and engineered in Bristol by Hugo Bishop (HUMM) and Polemics, mixed by James Trevascus (Bakewell Audio) and featuring additional synths by Pete Bucksley.
Video for title track The Sesh is in the works and will be released in the new year.

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