Snap Infraction – “Repeat Offender”

Excellent performance of catchy melodies and exquisite tunes delivered by Snap Infraction. Rock and roll at its finest. Repeat Offender” Takes the best of the Rock world, all the way from the 60s to today’s modern sound, making the band’s sixth and final single release of the year a brilliant banger.

Uplifting, electrifying, and psychedelic is what the song is. A supersonic overload of driving drums, walking bass, and melodic vocals. From start to finish, the track takes us through a periodical ride where old and new converge, making the best out of both worlds.

This is Snap Infraction’s sixth and final single release of the year, following their previous releases Second Chance and Take The Blame, both really good as well, so you might wanna check them out if you haven’t.

Steven Karsch and Tony Iannuzzi got back together to create this wonderful rock and roller. Starting with a tasty guitar lick, the powerful drums and massive bass follow behind. Vocals appear quickly to add that Snappy sound we’ve grown to love. The composition flows smoothly and with a lot of funky grooves, you’ll be dancing in no time!

(Also, check out track 2: “We Both Believe”)

With a psychedelic bridge, Snap Infraction closes the year in the best way possible. They also had their first live appearance in 4 years(!) at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City.

Both of these songs hearken back to the Britpop days of the mid-90s when bands like Blur, Supergrass, Oasis, and The Verve occupied the charts.

A little message from the boys:

We like to make the kind of music that we would want to hear.” – Tony

“We like guitars and amps and drums and harmonies so that’s what we play. We try not to overthink things.” – Steve, resident overthinker

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