Ally Cribb- “Bigger”

Canadian singer Ally Cribb’s debut single “Bigger” is an astounding pop track that encourages the listener to break all possible obstacles with their own strength. The track is a reimagining of Radiohead’s hit “Creep”, departing from its sonic landscape and themes; while “Creep” emphasizes fragility with a stripped-down band, Ally Creep’s debut single decides to go the opposite direction and find her own sound to help us overcome the feeling of being worth less than what we really are. The track contains a powerful message of perseverance in difficult times that resonates especially in the era that we live in.

“Bigger” belongs to Ally Cribb’s first EP “Unbroken”, a coming of age story to be released in the near future. As with the “Bigger” is deeply personal and moving. It is an anthem with pop inflections that serves as a personal lifeline for the singer-songwriter and ourselves:

I remember the day when I first got the idea for Bigger. I was about to turn sixteen. It was late May and I was sitting at the piano, like any other day, playing around with notes and chords when I spontaneously played the intro of Bigger for the first time. I played it over and over so I wouldn’t forget it, and then recorded it into my phone. I must have sat there for an hour playing that little section over and over again before calling my dad into the room, and then I played with him. He instantly loved it, and I ended up writing a rough first chorus to the song on the same day. The rest of the verses came shortly after. I pieced everything together fairly quickly, stringing chords and lyrics together and filling in the pieces like a puzzle until I had the words and music you hear today. It’s a song I’m really proud of, especially the message of hope and resilience it conveys. In many ways, it reflects my experiences over the past two years working on my upcoming EP release. You can expect an eclectic collection of songs inspired by moments of joy, heartbreak, and growth. –Ally Cribb

“Bigger” is a reassuring track that uses its strong foundation to lead us through its hopeful message. From the very beginning, we are infected with optimism that lifts our spirits in an unexpected way. The chorus may be the standout of the track. Though the track’s influence of “Creep” is evident, it serves just as a starting point: Ally Cribb’s unique vocals and musical style take over and carry the song in a new direction, making the track completely hers and hers alone. She offers a personal track that is able to reach out to others.

“Bigger” is a strong debut track that cements Ally Cribb as a new artist to be reckoned with. If you liked it, be sure to follow her in the new future to see what she is up to. We know we will!

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