A.B. Violet – “Ice”

From the legacy left by Tori Amos, a new star begins to rise with magical empowerment and ethereal, healthy vibes. A multi-instrumentalist in charge of giving life to every instrument, A.B. Violet is now releasing her new single “Ice” part off her debut EP, ELEMENCE.

“Ice” is all about empowerment, more specifically when coming out of a bad relationship.

In this tune, the magical resorts of this spiritual artist bring down healing and restoration to all who listen. Her sweet vocals filled with knowledge and experience descend upon us with grace and the power of loving nature.

This track is the epilogue for her EP, ELEMENCE. After releasing her previous singles: Only Need Me, Merry Go Round, and These Other Things, A.B. Violet now establishes a solid ground for her music, preparing us for the last embrace of ELEMENCE.

Instrumentation includes the artist’s usual reverb, heavy drums, synths, and sub-bass, with the exotic addition of a Gamelan, a percussive/brass instrument from Indonesia. Added to that is a UNA CORDA piano synth which delivers the soft, smooth, and simple chord progression, adding a very nostalgic feel.

Without a doubt, Violet makes well use of her musical influences (London Grammar, Massive Attack, Caribou, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Annie Lennox) to immortalize her feelings of power and love. Kind, honest and caring, her voice and lyrics prove her immense talent and leave us wanting for more.

“Ice” was recorded and produced in Highfield studio, Essex, by the creative producer and drummer Elliot Richardson.

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