A Different Kind Of Christmas 2021 Part 2

Hey, I hope you’ll are having a great start to the week, and welcome back to Less Than 1,000 Followers, this time with Part 2 for a #DifferentKindOfChristmas if you want to check out our previous article you can do it here.

You know the drill, right? I have another batch of great alternative Christmas tracks for you to enjoy, nothing like the classics but tons of fun, irreverent tracks, so many emotions mixed here, so you can find and feel what the artists are trying to transmit about this season picturing the scene that we all are living nowadays, in their own personal perspective with a touch of this holidays.

So let’s get this started, but first I want to thank you for being here, for being part of this journey, and for supporting these artists that we love to share with you, happy holidays!!!

Christmas insanity with an underlying message we all know to well… The rat race of a dopamine addict. Watch and listen for 6 minutes as the Grinch seeps into the madness that is today’s society.

Another Bloody Christmas is the Christmas song of the season, a dark twisted ironic take on the yearly celebrations. His “Nightmare before Christmas”, “Burtonian esque” take on Christmas is highly ironic, but still carries some truth about inevitability and silliness of traditions. Based around the military march of the hooks, it evokes the feeling of the season marching into our lives without leaving anything or anyone behind. Skar de Line’s Scandinavian heritage plays into the video and displays a slightly more Nordic and slightly pagan way of celebrating, which adds to the timelessness and mystery of the visuals.

Built on hypnotic Irish-flavoured pop/rock instrumentation, Christmas in Dublin is a cyclic journey through a multitude of emotions, contrasting feelings of hurt and longing against the joy and elation of this time of year. Sonically distinct from the plethora of existing festive music, this emotive track offers listeners a truly unique alternative to the plethora of existing Christmas tunes. Us4 is indie pop/rock like you’ve never heard before.

Biskee Brisht (Manx language for Broken Biscuit) are an 8-piece indie-folk band from the Isle of Man. Their sound is built from layers of vocals, ukulele, trumpet, trombone, accordion, guitar, percussion, bass and drums. Bright and energetic, they fill their songs with brass hooks and infectious melodies.

Their second Christmas single. Christmas Morning is just in time for the festive season, but don’t expect it to perk you up. Front-woman Ruby says of the song, ‘it’s about disappointment, stagnation, depression, fear – all the things we’ve been feeling after these crazy two years’.

‘The best things in life are free (Snowshine) released on Spotify on December 10. Xylaroo’s Christmas jingle speaks to the heart of the festive season. Last year many people were separated from their families and friends due to the Covid pandemic. The experience may have made us all appreciate the free things in life which make this holiday special, the laughter, love, and relationships.

Band member and singer Holly Chant wrote the song a few years back on a plane. However, she decided to record it and produce it in her room last year as she was coming down with a bout of Covid. Guitarist Joe Singo sent his guitar parts remotely.

The song is classically Christmas with just the right amount of cheese to accompany your Gluwein this year. Holly said: “I’m one of those people who loves old, retro Christmas songs. I was hoping to make a song that could sit comfortably beside the classics I grew up singing along to. I hope it reminds people of what’s important this time of  year.”

In Mel Quinn’s own words “This is the most Christmassy anti-Christmas song you will hear! If you are good-humored, want something a little bit different then take a listen. Shed a Tear, has Kate Nash vocals mix with wham instrumentals… what could go wrong? I understand this song may be controversial, like all my songs, but what’s life without taken risks.”

In Emily’s own words: “This single was heavily inspired by my love of Celtic music, my Scottish roots, and a deep desire to connect to nature during the chaotic holiday season. Roaring Fire is meant to be a vehicle of peace and rest to those who find the holiday season overwhelming and overstimulating, or perhaps they’ve endured a difficult year”.

In Matteson’s own words: “Holidays are typically the days you spend with the ones you love. I was inspired by when you find someone you want to spend not just every day with, but you want to spend every holiday with them, I feel like that’s when you’ve found something really, really, special. This is the first-holiday song I wrote so I wanted to make sure that it sounded happy and have all the Christmas music elements like snowbells. I was really inspired by the more pop Christmas songs like All I Want For Christmas is You. I wanted to incorporate piano and horns especially.

In Tilly’s own words: “No matter that I’ve probably never had a truly beautiful Christmas, I am OH-SO-INTO into Christmas. I was ALWAYS thinking of making at least a song cover. In mid-November, Vii suddenly said: come on, we can do our holiday song RIGHT NOW. So we did an actual, original Christmas song! ‘It’s Snowtime’ is happy, acoustic, and very movie-like to musical-like. We’re hoping to bring something new into the worn-out/cliché Christmas mix pouring on us from everywhere, shops and radios included”

The song captures various Christmas pictures, memories, and fears, seasoned with fragments from well-known Christmas stories and fairytales.

There’s no such thing as too many good Christmas songs. ‘My Ugly Sweater’ is a prime example of a track that manages to take the turn-of-the-year festive formula and turn it into something fresh. Titled ‘My Ugly Sweater’, the song radiates warmth, festive cheer, and an ethos of appreciation that will resonate with listeners worldwide.

Pivoting around the angelic voice of the extremely modest and supremely talented Jade 10, whose dismissal of any desire to become a star makes her vocal performance even more organic, she is accompanied by the backing vocals of her best friends who go under the moniker ‘Sisters Noel’.

Packed with feel-good festive lyricism, beautiful backing vocals, and beaming with Christmas spirit, ‘My Ugly Sweater’ has all the potential to cement itself as a classic soundtrack of the holiday season.

You can find these tracks on our Spotify playlist below (also in Playlist Fresh Singles only for one week), remember to share, stream, support your favorite, and add to your playlists, happy holidays for everyone, a big hug, keep safe and enjoy the holidays.

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