Clara Hannigan “Sonder”

Living in a new location where everyone is strange and busy? It can be scary, but it can also be an utter relief. Today’s single looks into the latter aspect, and the result is a very good and calming song with lots of vibrancy.

Clara Hannigan is a singer and pianist based in New York. Her childhood was spent listening to a variety of artists, most notably jazz and blues legends like Ray Charles and James Booker. Her newfound love for music quickly extended into learning and being fascinated by the art of songwriting. Now she’s an artist herself with firm belief music is a powerful tool of connection and authenticity. As she’s a pianist with a passionate love for jazz, that easily-flowing smooth sound reaches into her music-writing too. The multilayered emotions show themselves at their fullest in an atmosphere that feels airy and opens like a live concert.

Clara’s most recent release is a vibrant single called “Sonder”. It feels so spacious and lively, pretty much exactly like a live show recording would sound like. Except it was still written in a studio:

“The song was written and produced only in a few hours in a small recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The inspiration came from the fact that Clara was getting tired of constantly writing about love/breakups so she wanted this song to be focused on herself – about who she is. She’s originally from a tiny town in Maine, in which everyone knew every single detail about each other’s business. She just recently moved to New York and found something super beautiful and freeing about being anonymous here in such a crowded city. It’s about being able to find yourself, and the realization that everyone else is too busy living out their own story and you can just get lost in the crowd and be whoever you want to be.”

“Sonder” carries a feeling of ease and calmness coming from circumstances that would usually be seen as saddening or otherwise negative. Being an anonymous speck in a huge crowd of people in another city can be frightening, or it can be an extremely freeing situation. The realization that you won’t be judged for longer than a second at most, and no one will show acute interest in your life leads on to become a refreshing vibrant song with an easy-going vibe. The bottom line of the song as well as life as it is is to simply enjoy being yourself. The song also feels relieving and I feel that people anxious about moving aboard should give this a listen.

The single is part of a future EP, so Clara Hannigan has a lot more coming. She explains what the future holds and what themes the EP will talk about:

There is another single coming out January 20th, 2022. That one is a more fierce breakup song called “Broken Bottles” that I’m sure a lot of people going through a heartbreak can relate to.
A full EP is coming is coming in Summer of 2022, and it is going to tell a story of a heartbreak, finding yourself, and then concluding with letting yourself love someone new. All the tracks are very unique and are all mostly inspired by artists such as Amy Winehouse, DRAMA, Benee, Joji, Mac Miller, Billie Eilish, Loony, Fats Waller, and Erykah Badu.

So, plenty of goodness to come. I’m certain it’s goodness, as this single already is really good!

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