Damn Renegades “Conscience”

We’re glad to announce that Philadelphia, United States-based alternative rock band Damn Renegades have released a new single, entitled “Conscience.”

Damn Renegades are Ryan Gattini (co-lead vocals / lead guitar), Dillon Finn (co-lead vocals / bassist), and Vinnie Muckey (drummer / backing vocals / misc percussion). The band was started during 2020 when the pandemic was at its most tumultuous point. Damn Renegades then released their first EP, entitled Split, in September of 2020; and in February of 2021, they released a follow-up EP entitled Caravan. Damn Renegades look to pave their way through hard work and creating lasting contributions to the music world.

Inspired by bands such as Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Megadeth, and The Beatles, Damn Renegades recorded “Conscience” at Philadelphia Music Studios, located in Manayunk, PA; and the track was mixed by Zach Brown. With a great blend of punk and metal that is interwoven through intricate songwriting, the single is about seeing your older self in the current time, and almost having a cathartic experience about it.

“So what first-time listeners can expect from our music, is to get a euphoric thrill that makes you want to get up and accomplish anything you can”.

“This is the seventh track that we put out and our short time being a band. With this particular track, we wanted a powerful piece that encompasses who we are as a band. This song is about seeing your older self in a reflection and trying to wake up back in time to change things you once thought you couldn’t,” Damn Renegades say.

“Conscience” immediately draws the listener in with punchy guitar riffs driven by the propulsive rhythms of the drums and deep bass notes. The guitars harmonize quite well with the track’s catchy vocal melodies throughout the first verse, leading seamlessly into the anthemic chorus and pyrotechnic guitar solo that soon follow. After the next verse, the heavy riffs and dynamic vocals give way to another melodically compelling guitar solo, which takes its time to build epically on the strong accompanying rhythm guitar progression. The final chorus then rips through with abiding energy, and the track concludes perfectly with headbanging riffs and powerful drums. “Conscience” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, showcasing Damn Renegades’ brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock, punk, and metal alike.

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