Discoid “Movable Objects”

Perhaps every creative person knows the need for change. Discoid felt that and decided to redo his workflow, and his new single arrives as a statement of newfound happiness – good music comes from enjoyment!

Discoid is a Tel Aviv-based electronic music producer. Named after his knee condition (discoid meniscus), this artist specializes in creating moody genre-crossing songs full of rhythm, synths, and sweet percussion. Diversity is a trademark of his sound – there are Eastern melodies, soundscapes echoing daily lives, jabbing synths of futuristic dance music, percussive and eery sounds among many others. A constant evolution running through the strange yet captivating musical landscapes artist

Evolution symbolizes Discoid’s newest single as well. “Movable Objects”, set to release on Dec 21st, sees the artist leaving behind the computer-centered workflow and embracing the real machines. “Movable Objects” is a lengthy song full of synth goodness, soon joined by a solid 4-on-the-floor beat provided by drum machines. The song begins with twirling gentle synth plucks in an open space, the kind that reminds me of birdsong. Add the beat and the single slowly eases into dancy rhythms, synths growing bolder and funky jabs. There’s also mild glitchiness in the otherwise flooding soundscape, which brings in that specific ecstatic feeling I really dig.

“This track is the first one that I recorded in the way that I did. After realizing that producing and composing with a computer isn’t really what sparks joy in my life, I decided to change direction. I decided to try building a synthesizer oriented setup, and it worked out great! Using 3 synths and 2 drum machines, I created an entire live-set, which I performed with my dear friend and co-artist La Mer. The first track of this set, which is available on YouTube, is the skeleton of Movable Objects. I found immense fun and joy playing with synths, and so I decided that this is what I’m going to be all about. Movable Objects marks a new direction of creation for me, and I am so very excited to see where this path leads me.”

The single also comes with a shorter more packed radio length track that begins with the percussion right away. With the full length song being over 10 minutes long, it’s a good idea to have a version for the hurried and impatient, but if you have time, definitely listen to the full-length version. The development of sounds feel much smoother and fuller!

“If you have knee problems and you like electronic music, I reckon we should be friends. But if your knee is fine, that’s cool too! Hit me up everywhere, and let’s chat a bit about great music and everything else.
Also, I make pretty cool music too, and maybe you’ll like it. Let me know if it sparked any feelings for you. “

Discoid sends you all greetings!

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