Midnight Run- “Winter Romance”

Today’s featured single comes from the English folk band Midnight Run. Short and sweet, “Winter Romance” is a chill relatable folk track centered around searching that special relationship but finding one of those fleeting romances that last just a season: a winter romance in this case.

Midnight Run is a duo made up of Jacob Elwy (lead singer) and Jonny Mac (guitarist and writer). The two of them met during the pandemic through social media. Soon, they struck each other’s creative nerve and began to collaborate. They drew inspiration from raw, DIY indie vibes with expressive vocals. Recording from the track began during lockdown with finishing touches added at Sain Studios in North Wales. “Winter Romance” is their newest release after their first single “Running Down the Dream”.

Jonny Mac does the majority of writing which has a Mersey beat influence but we are very much a partnership in the sense one can’t do without the other. We both love Liverpool artists such as The Beatles, The LA’s & Echo, and the Bunnymen. “Winter Romance” definitely has an early Beatles vibe musically but not vocally. We are a very rootsie acoustic duo but the electric is yet to come. We’ve recorded an album worth over lockdown but choose to release each song individually every month, in order to keep a healthy flow of musical content. –Jacob Elwy from Midnight Run

“Winter Romance” is a folk track whose acoustic guitars remind us of that cozy feeling that is falling in love. The track narrates a chance encounter in which none of the parties knows each other names. The emotion is amplified by Elwy’s storytelling abilities and expressive vocals, accompanied by Mac’s guitar that sings along. The vocals and strings create a sensation as if they were not playing one over the other, but alongside each other. As such, the listener feels as if he was in between the two of them, one of each side. As they feel closer to us, it seems that the emotion they transmit is closer as well, as we remember many of those winter romances we have had throughout our life.

“Winter Romance” is a comforting track that makes us long for those romances that may have even lasted only a day. Midnight Run’s presence in their scene becomes larger and larger, setting a new bar for their sound. We are excited to see what they will bring to the table next!

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