Nazariff “Should Have”

Time for some new electronic music! This single “Should Have” comes loaded with solid beats and synths, but the main lead in this is the raw layered emotion. And it’s really good!

Nazariff is the alias of Rodger Edmonds, an electronic music producer and DJ creating genre-blending productions. Building on top of trap and future bass elements, he ties depth and darkness together with hypnotic vocals and sonic experimentations, allowing emotion to take center stage. There’s a certain moody movie-like quality in some of Nazariff’s singles while others remind me of particularly intoxicating underground club nights. Most of all, it comes packed with strong nighttime vibes, with offers for both those seeking to dance and those looking for moody soundscapes.

“Anyone that that listens to my music should expect a beautiful blur between the mainstream and underground sounds of electronic and pop music. Always pushing forward never looking to the past for comfort. Something fresh and forward thinking.”


The string of emotive gloomy songs continues with “Should Have”, a single that carries echoing vocals and somber feelings on top of booming bass and trap percussion. The artist is not lying when he says he unites genres – the song begins as a clean trap track, but when the chorus hits, there are elements of dream pop and future bass in place instead, and they’re weaved together so seamlessly, making the single feel like a smooth journey. In the darkness. The breathy female vocals speak of emotional darkness, exploring themes of regret and longing. At times when it’s just the vocals and piano, the emotional crush is especially present, and it feels even more stripping after the nearly ecstatic first drop.

Created with love for all the genres the single carries hints of, “Should Have” is Nazariff’s strongest production yet. Everything about this feels wonderful, and the fact the drops differ from one another makes it even better. A really good single for anyone loving EDM, trap, and emotionally heavy electronic pop.

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