Charlie Tyler – Surrender the Ghosts

People believe making pop music is easy. Is it just taking the basic four chords we have all heard about and repeating them until the end of the song? Maybe in the most basic of pop songs. But making good pop tracks is an art. Even more difficult is making a track that is catchy and at the same time extremely personal. With her newest EP, Surrender The Ghosts, Charlie Tyler has proven that she has mastered her craft. The EP is a diverse collection of tracks that take the unique pop sound Tyler has built for herself to cover a range of moods and sounds for an explosion of emotions to the highest degree. Definitely a fresh new taste in the scene!

Charlie Tyler grew in a small town in England. When she was young, she discovered her love for music. Soon, she taught herself how to play guitar and piano. Influenced by Ellie Goulding, and classic artists such as Carole King, Kate Bush, Alanis Morrisette, and Stevie Nicks, she decided to dedicate herself to her passion. Surrender the Ghosts is Tyler’s second EP after the release of her first EP With All That Lonely Held Inside. In the EP, Tyler enlists Russell James Williams as a writing partner and producer. Both of them take the opportunity to experiment with diverse sounds to create heartfelt, extremely personal songs.

While the tracks that make up Surrender the Ghosts cover diverse moods and emotions, they have in common its richness in sound. Each track has various, distinct layers that interact with each other to absolutely create an atmospheric richness that is not common in the pop genre. Synths, drums, guitars make up a base on which Tyler and Williams build upon. A standout of the entire EP is Tyler’s vocals and the harmonies she builds with them. They are not only extremely pleasing to hear, but also are extremely adaptable to the dominant emotion of the tracks.

Surrender the Ghosts takes its base to present to us an extremely diverse collection of pop songs ranging from the calmer, with more acoustic elements “Never Known” to the groovy, utterly powerful club-like sound and yet acutely emotional “Silent All These Years”. Or what about “Silver Bullet”, with its R&B influence on structure and vocals? Each one of them has an emotional punch that the listener will no doubt feel. “Your Biggest Mistake” is the EP’s pinch of pop-rock that makes us remember the sadness we feel when we are lied to while the emotional ballad “Long Way to Fall”, which narrates difficult breakup and how little by little we regain confidence in ourselves. The title track of the EP “Surrender the Ghosts” is a high-energy track that pumps give us a warm welcome to the album and a little taste of what will come.

Charlie Tyler’s latest EP Surrender the Ghosts is an unmissable album for those that love everything pop. The young singer-songwriter makes it clear that she is part of a new generation with a new sound and that she is here to stay: her new album will begin recording in January 2022! Make sure to listen to Surrender the Ghost if you need your daily dose of fresh, new tracks! The EP scratches just that itch.

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