Kimberly Walker “Freckles”

Debut release time! An EP this time. There’s a lot of emotion and thoughts in this as well as simply gorgeous singing voice!

Photo credit to Javan André

Kimberly Walker is a Londoner singer-songwriter, making music best described as soulful, intimate, and sultry, at times even quite sensual. Kimberly’s lyric-writing is emotional and honest to the level of vulnerability, the feeling which is deepened further by her singing style. Genre-wise it’s an intriguing blend of many different styles – there’s a foundation of r&b running in her songs, elements of contemporary pop, and the flow of jazz. The little details feel good, and so do the general sound – matured, and a pleasure to listen to.

“I will never be able to express how grateful I am for the support from the listeners! The most wonderful feeling in the world is to have my music really resonate with someone. To have them relate to the lyrics in my music, and feel understood. Especially in difficult tracks such as ‘Feeling Myself’… where we delve into the world of mental health. I love the thought of being able to potentially help them in someway to feel uplifted, or confident (‘Higher’ or ‘All My Love’), or just help them to step away from the world for a moment and feel calm and relaxed. (‘Lay Awake / ‘Freckles’)”

Kimberly Walker

The artist has just released her debut EP titled “Freckles“. It’s home to 5 songs, including three singles, with a total playtime of 17 minutes. Thematically this release goes deep into the realm of intimacy – it’s an EP of self-growth and letting go of the past. Personal stories of love and relationships with all of their hardships as well as overcoming fears and insecurities are packaged in beautifully done songs. This EP is an easily relatable journey for those in need of songs to connect to and grow with, and an enjoyable listen for all.

“This EP was actually written 3 years ago! Due to covid and other delays the listeners are only hearing this now. So for me, it’s like a little time capsule. Like listening back to a diary entry from the Kimberly three years ago 🙂 I’ve learnt SO much since then!
The EP is a very vulnerable thing for me to release into the world. It showcases lots of different sides to my personality, which I would not normally share with people I’m not close with. Hence the reason for the name ‘Freckles’… My freckles were once an insecurity of mine, so I thought what a perfect name to capture the meaning behind the project. The name really sums up this ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ vulnerable body of work.”

The EP starts with the title song “Freckles”. The start has moody piano chords before easing into deep, slow, and vibrant soundscapes. In its short runtime, it manages to become insanely pleasing… Embracing your insecurities at its finest. The flowing sound continues in the rhythm of “Higher”, featuring magnificent vocals and a similarly slow vibe, but this time with a celestial undertone running in the jazzy instrumentation.

Photo credit to Javan André

“Feeling Myself” steps off the rhythmic vibeful train and introduces a considerably more intimate side of the artist. Her vocals become even more emotional here, especially during the chorus which feels like a plea of reassurance coming from someone troubled with ailing mental health.

A quick low tone sweep later we enter the lowkey funky “All My Love”, a rhythmic and mellow song with similarly smooth little synth jabs. The last song “Lay Awake” is another intimate, very gentle, and airy song with wooden percussion and soothing synths. The slowly evolving sound builds up a little bit of magical feeling in an otherwise nightly and quiet space. And when the percussion stops, it feels like you’ve suddenly become weightless, set freely afloat.

A beautiful debut release for sure. Definitely makes me wonder what else the artist has up in her sleeves because after hearing this release I’m certain it’s a lot more goodness!
Check her out and share your love with the artist:

“I would love the listeners to stay with me for all the new music to come next year and beyond! Come along on this journey of self discovery, and for them to feel brave enough to put themselves out there too, no matter their journey in life.”

Photo credit to Javan André

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