Jimmy Eff- The Better Start

After the release of his latest single “You’re Not Alone”, English singer-songwriter comes with the follow-up EP The Better Start: a collection of four songs with strong emotional impact and supreme storytelling inspired by the indie sound of Supergrass and Noel Gallagher approach to songwriter. The Better Start is an essential EP for everyone that is searching for a strong proposal to finish the year with a blast.

Jimmy Eff’s ensemble consists of himself and Jonny K. They started working as far as 2013 with their debut EP The Road. Since then, Jimmy Eff’s has built for himself a personal style of songwriting that focuses on melancholic lyrics under the guise of an upbeat song, which he also features in The Better Start. The EP was recorded back in May 2021 with Jimmy and Jonny working on it since then to finally have it on our hands after much expectation.

The Better Start includes four songs: three original and one being the explicit version of the lead single “You’re Not Alone”. Some songs included in the EP have existed for a long time and played during Jimmy Eff’s live sets, but this is the first time we can hear them in their recorded form.

The first one is “Can You Feel It?”. It is a reinvigorating track that invites the listener to pump it up to the music. As the vocals little by little invite the listener to feel the beat, the instruments gaining intensity. It is a call to action to dance and lose control. A fitting song to open such an explosive album! “I Would Walk” is an upbeat song that tells a story describing everything one would do to meet someone we might deem special. Jimmy Eff demonstrates his narrative prowess by painting images that get us to know the extreme lengths love can push us to. The two final tracks of the EP are two versions of the single which we have previously covered “You’re Not Alone”. Inspired by strong events suffered by a close friend of the band, the single is a reminder that even in such difficult times, we are never alone. With the band’s upbeat style, they are able to cover heavy themes, such as how keeping our feelings to ourselves can have disastrous consequences, with such ease without suffering from emotional whiplash. The second version of the song features explicit lyrics that give the track extra intensity to its themes.

Jimmy Eff’s new EP features upbeat tracks with emotional depth with their characteristic sound. The Better Start is a perfect EP to close the year off with a high note!

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