Victoria Taylor “Pull Up”

Victoria Taylor brings back her signature pop sound alongside an invitation to ‘Pull Up’ in her last single of the year.

Italian-American artist Victoria Taylor’s large family was one who surrounded her with music and made it a positive association in her life; from having a DJ at every family gathering to her study of Jazz and contemporary music in Philly and NYC, music has played a huge role in the singer-songwriter’s life. 

Currently, this influence reflects in her discography. The influence of R&B, particularly that of its beautiful lyrics and stunning melodies, is palpable in Taylor’s works, which place heavy emphasis on their lyrics and the stories told in between the lines.

With her November release, Pull Up, Victoria Taylor continues her theme of focusing on love, pain, fear and self empowerment. The track, written by the singer and producer Matty Carlock, is one about (self-)love, self-empowerment, and the importance of connections.

After her previous single. Without You, released in early March of 2021, Taylor is back with a more upbeat and pop track. From the sentimentalism of Without You, which centered on the yearning of someone who’s no longer in this world, we’ve moved towards a more positive mindset in Pull Up, taking the same theme of company — now showing the joy obtained from it, instead of the pain caused by its absence. 

A song that’s playful and teasing in every sense, from the pop and flirty beat to the charming music video, Pull Up can be said to be the gold found at the end of the rainbow after a harsh storm. 

When asked about the song, Victoria Taylor said: “My Producer Matty Carlock and I were brainstorming over quarantine and felt this relevant desperation, much like everyone else, for human connection. There, going with that theme I channelled my inner Italian Sophia Loren Goddess and wrote a song about recognizing your worth and being bold enough to go for it.”

With a chorus that dominates the track, Pull Up‘s catchy repetition of its title and the funky, jazzy reverbs that seem to go up with the mood of the song, Taylor’s new track is a constant high of emotions that proves that you can always go even higher. 

From its beginning notes, that seem to be a slightly deeper version of the tune of the chorus, to the animated and fresh rap brought by LOVE IAN, Pull Up is constantly alluding to the happiness that comes from being around someone, and the confidence boost we get when we know that person is enjoying our company too.

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