Matyascorvinus “In Solitude”

Quiet, sad, and taken aback by sudden turns in life. This could be a very bad night, or it could be a recurring thing for those battling with their thoughts. “In Solitude” provides a fitting soundtrack for all of those – a foundation to stand on as you live through those emotions.

Matyascorvinus is a Finnish artist, a guitar player creating moody instrumental pieces made truly his own. His journey to writing music started with an ukulele, learning the potential of the little string instrument. Later on, the artist upgraded to a guitar, keeping the knowledge learned on playing the ukulele. What it results in is a playing style forming melodies that feel almost like coming out of a classical piece. An unique way of playing, which never fails to create beautiful worlds… Where darkness hides behind the beauty.

His newest song “In Solitude” lets the dark come out and move around freely. This atmospheric song sinks deep into the despair-filled night spent sitting near the phone. The guitar’s echo feels like an open field of darkness… in a room. The song lives through the bad night and every element it contained – moments of hesitation, moments of going silent and hearing the wind outside, then stirring up guitar plucks that resonate in the room and in your mind. And in the generally gloomy sound, there are little moments of harmonies that feel vibrant and nearly uplifting, before they disappear once again. A song of feeling your presence, really.
The song is based on a real event and a really sad one at that:

“About a year ago, on a dark night we were given a call from a close friend who told that her husband had left. Everything had happened totally out of the blue and there is a quick divorce coming up. She sounded absolutely devastated and my wife took off immediately and rushed to her. I stayed home with the dog.

Soon after my wife called and informed them being on their way to the mental clinic. Situation was that bad. Later I was informed that our friend is being sent from the clinic to a psychiatric facility.

There was I, alone, thinking ’bout the situation, feeling sad and baffled. And, as millions of times before (when I’m alone), grabbed my guitar. In solitude basically came out when she was on the way to the institution. And the result is your’s to listen.

In solitude is one of those “five minute songs” (as I call them) that sometimes just happen. In these moments, I actually do not have a slightest idea of a song but out it comes. Writes itself. Not entirely, but the core elements of this piece was born in five minutes and the main themes were there in a blink of an eye. Later I just gave it the finishing touch, added something. And the result is under discussion at this very moment.

Like all my songs, In Solitude indeed has a backstory. Every piece I’ve written has also a visual or mental landscape even though they are instrumentals. This always comes in question when giving titles to my songs. In solitude is an allegory of a human, many times, being very alone in the moment of crisis. However, it also refers to my favourite state, which, for me, means the ideal circumstances for creation.

See, I am an introvert person. A loner, but never lonely. For me, solitude also means time with my mind, exploring the imagination and creating music, album art, making song titles, thinking about the stories behind the songs etc.”


After reading this, these little uplifting harmonic bits in the second half of the song that already felt home then suddenly make even more sense.

Even at the gloomiest, the sound of Matyascorvinus welcomes the listeners, embracing with the gentle guitar playing, one that feels like life in this sort of a layered capsule.

“I warmly welcome everyone. What they should expect is slow, atmospheric, sometimes eerie landscapes of instrumental music. And, as I’ve been told several times before, visions from their own mind. Pictures of soothing nature elements and such; snow falling on the ground, a moment by the lake, a room full of candles etc. other peaceful things.

In Solitude differs from this standard landscape. Being a product of a very sad moment. However, people have found many positive elements in it, as well! So, something I always want to emphasize: there is hope.”

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