Quizboy – “Bella”

For a lot of us, 2021 brought both gain and loss. Even though it’s done, last year still lingers with its remains for some people, especially for those who faced tremendous losses. Today’s artist, Quizboy is one of them.

Bella” is a fusion between grunge, metal, alternative rock, and punk. A six-track EP of pure, raw emotion and heavy energy created by the artist as his way to convert all his pain and confusion into a catharsis of ravaging melodies.

Inspired by bands like Nirvana, Every Time I Die, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Bad Religion, and Rise Against, Quizboy delivers a brutal assault of distorted guitars and guttural screams, mixed with raw singing and heartfelt lyrics.

Not for the faint of heart, “Bella” encompasses the love Ben Dayho AKA Quizboy had for his beautiful dog “Bella”, a feeling that a lot of us can relate to, me included. So it is safe for me to say that I feel his pain, and I wish for him a loving recovery.

That being said, “Bella” is violent and savage, a little bit intoxicated with heavy grunge and punk influences. Starting out with “Again“, the EP is immediately set with its tone and feeling. That emotional train heading straight to a violent crash.

Bella was my dog and one of the key points, when things started to change during quarantine is that she died. It set a tone for a lot of the other things I wrote on the album, that goes into a lot of different subject matter of toxic relationships, struggles with alcohol and depression.” – Quizboy

Continuing with the energy of a straight bullet, the EP continues to vibrate with violent overtones and frantic rhythms like the ones we hear on “What You Say“. The mood then settles with a laid-back rhythm and drunken feeling of “Invalid“, a super Grunge track with a more Metal twist.

He” stands out for its contrasting elements between the Alan Watts intro and the piercing tones that follow. As we approach to the end, “Shoot The Messenger” presents a mix between underground Goth and alternative metal, I believe this to be one of my favorites.

The EP finishes with a slightly more uplifting track than its predecessors in “I See You“. A more melodic tune presented with clean, echoing guitars and a mellow mood. A nice way to bring harmony to the EP, after all the commotion and debris.

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