Carina T “The End”

Abusive relationship. The person you love and who claims to love you ends up hurting and manipulating you. The longer it goes on the worse it gets, and them being a person who says to love you, it’s really hard to see the truth. You’re manipulated to believe the lies. “The End” is a single that goes deep into this heavy topic, seeking to connect and empower those of us with that sad experience.

Carina T is a London-based singer-songwriter, who is passionate about bridging the magic of music and the sometimes really heavy themes. The young artist has a pure soft voice and an affinity for piano, both of which lend beautifully to making emotive and captivating indie-pop songs. Her lyric-writing is as sincere and emotional as the sound, pulling stories from life and often the sadder aspects of it. In short, she sill sing out the Truth:

“They can expect my story, or stories of those that are close to me. They will be able to share my visions and concerns about the World. I think that more and more there needs to be some activism into songwriting. The World is not a fairy tale place… therefore, it makes sense to have songs reflecting the tragedy of human existence. Of course, it may also be good to have a “nice” and “dreamy” song every now and then as these also have a place and are important for motivation purposes (and sanity) at times. However, that type of songs may not reflect the World and lives of most people. I like to keep some diversity in my sonority, with influences going from the 90s to the 00s.”

The End” is her newest single in line to spread the Truth. This time it’s a theme song of a woman stuck in an abusive relationship, enduring long grey days full of fear and pain. The lyrics are like a chapter from her personal diary, underlining everything she feels. Especially hard-hitting is the part of the lyrics where she tries to look for herself, to get up and leave this situation, but she can’t for her body is frozen with fear. A powerful and very dark song that resonates with those who know, and explains everything to those fortunate enough to not know that pain.

“Basically, I was in an abusive relationship in the past, and after enduring things for possibly longer than I should, I abandoned the relationship. Some women end up accepting wrong things that sometimes happen in relationships. Unfortunately, things can escalate like in the music video…
The video aims to have a didactic side, showing all sorts of “red flags” for these situations: change in behaviour after the “honeymoon phase”, controlling behaviour, violence, etc. Also, it highlights some of the ways to find help (reporting the situation, using the hand sign for help during videocalls).”

You can watch the video right here. In case you’re sensitive to blood or violence, be prepared – the video is as honest as the song and it does not cover any aspect of how terrible abusive relationships are.

If you’ve fallen in love with Carina’s voice and creativity by now, you’ll most likely be glad to hear the artist has more plans in the near future. Currently actively preparing to release more singles, she lets us know a little bit more on what to expect:

“My next songs will be about “bullying”, “loss”, and some humanitarian crises… sonority-wise, they will be harder than the recent alt pop ballads I released. There will be guitars and distortion pedals, but will still sound contemporary with a few synths… hopefully they will not take too long to be released.”

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