A marvelous Indie / Post-punk track filled with an infectious groove and gothic undertones. Listen to this catchy collaboration between Everything But The Everything and Golden Plates.

One of the many genres that I love and that seem to be left behind by the tidal wave of conventional pop music is Post-Punk and Goth-Rock. Thanks to today’s artists that lack of interesting dark and catchy music is no more.

After releasing his previous singles, Blue Sun and Denials, the artist returns with a delightful new single.

“In Love… Again” is a magnificent tune that brings back all that’s good from bands like Joy Division and Paul Banks. A translucid rock track that delivers a soothing bass groove and stands out with deep & longing vocals. Izzy The Gent, AKA Everything But The Everything (EBTE), and Elder Brycen (Golden Plates) have joined together to help create this collaboration and the result is no less than great.

EBTE was created by Izzy, a bass player and music producer from Northern California, as his way to convey his songs and top them with the voices of different, specific vocalists. Izzy believes in letting the music speak for itself, knowing instinctively that things come together as they are meant to be.

In this case, after connecting on Instagram and growing fond of each other’s music, a collaboration between Izzy and acclaimed songwriter, Elder Brycen from Golden Plates, was imminent.

“Elder Brycen was a fan of my latest release and we ended up connecting on Instagram, and of course, after hearing his music I was hooked as well. We talked about collaborating for a while and after tracking ideas and files back and forth, we found the perfect track and we are now excited to share this single with you. We really worked on finding the balance between some of my bright and strummy ideas vs many of his dark and driving tracks, and this was the perfect fit for both of us.” – Izzy The Gent

“In Love… Again” is a story about meeting someone you like, and feeling that they like you too… So, you go and sabotage the relationship in any way you can before they get the opportunity to break your heart.

The track wastes no time from the get-go, with ethereal synths, driving bass, and a groovy drum beat. Elder’s vocals are sublime and really finish to give life to the track. All in all, this single is a great way to start this new year, and we hope you like it as much as we did.

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