Blair West “All This To Say”

Love is a beautiful thing, but there’s one thing that makes it even more wonderful – your partner loving you for who you are. This is the story of today’s single that also shows exactly how that makes one feel like – it’s one of the gentlest love-themed songs ever!

Blair West is a very fresh gently-voiced singer-songwriter writing emotive songs that echo inspirations from Taylor Swift and Jewel. Her musical inkling became apparent back in childhood, resulting in background in guitar, piano, and musical theatre as well as running an acapella group in college. Blair’s artistic talent was recognized then and people tried urging her to take on the artist path, but Blair decided to pursue a career in NYC first. The passion for music followed her every step through the years, and now she’s an up-and-coming artist ready with her first single!

The single “All This To Say” is strikingly soft and emotive right from the start. There’s a semblance of church-like echo in the background, bringing plenty of depth to the otherwise celestial and romantic song. The romantic bit, and the fact the song reverbs gratitude throughout hint at the song’s meaning. It’s a love letter to the artist’s relationship and brings forth the element of true love – being accepted for who you are in full, not just the nicest sides of you.

It’s a great debut song that already shows the potential of Blair’s songwriting skills. There’s an endless amount of love intertwined between her lyrics and melodies, pleasant airiness in the layered instrumentation and her vocals make everything sound even more beautiful. That single doesn’t fail to bring the easy feeling and loveful warmth into the room even on gloomy dark days. A must-hear for anyone loving female-fronted singer-songwriter music and having a soft spot for strong diverse female vocalists such as Taylor Swift.

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