Bones in Butter “Stop Dancing Now!”

We’re glad to announce that Belgrade, Serbia-based artist Bones in Butter have released a new single, entitled “Stop Dancing Now!

Milutin Krasevic (vocals, synths, samples, music & lyrics) is joined by Luna Skopelja (vocals, synths), Stefan Acimovic (lead guitar), Pavle Popov (guitars, FX), Damjan Kapor (bass), Marcelo Effori (drums), and Srdjan Popov (mix & master) on Bones in Butter’s latest single, “Stop Dancing Now!” Apart from songwriter Milutin Krasevic, whose day job used to be in linguistics, the band members are highly accomplished musicians with many years of touring and experience. They all met over the internet right at the start of the COVID lockdown; as the final line-up of Bones in Butter hadn’t been established yet, Milutin was looking for professionals who could help him shape the band’s sound and realize his musical ideas.

“Stop Dancing Now!” is from Bones in Butter’s upcoming album, Songs For A Sane Society; and like all other songs from this forthcoming album, the track was recorded, mixed and mastered by Srdjan Popov at HillRiver Studios in Belgrade, with everybody mentioned above involved in its production. Describing the musical inspirations behind “Stop Dancing Now!”, Milutin says, “In hindsight, for this particular song, I realize the strong influence of Nash the Slash, an obscure multi-instrumentalist I used to listen to in my early twenties. Other important influences on the music of Bones in Butter are Lou Reed, the Stranglers, Wire, Magazine, the Electric Light Orchestra, Wall of Voodoo, Tuxedomoon, Joy Division, Howe Gelb, Steven Wilson.”

Bones in Butter have also released a great accompanying music video for the track, which you can check out here:

Differing from other Bones in Butter releases by incorporating lots of elements from electronic and industrial genres of music, “Stop Dancing Now!” is a sort of a doomsday song, dedicated to human progress, greed, and ruthlessness. The track begins with distorted guitar tones amidst swirling, hauntingly ethereal vocals. Progressive electric guitar melodies build nicely on the track’s suspenseful air of mystery; while the steady pulse of a bass drum soon joins in to create an energetic, driving atmosphere that brings to mind electronic music, leading perfectly into the track’s first verse. Whirring synths add further to the song’s ominous yet catchy sound while complementing the groovy bassline and the eerie, distorted voices quite well. A dynamic electric guitar solo towards the end of “Stop Dancing Now!” leads nicely into its epic conclusion, as the title is repeated before ending on a surprisingly uplifting note.

“Stop Dancing Now!” is quite an enjoyable listen, once again highlighting Bones in Butter’s musical versatility, as well as their brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of progressive rock, industrial, and electronic music alike.

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