Few times nowadays do we come across songs that have such attention to detail that it feels that we’re part of them. The level of care and love, and the reaches of composition in “Patterns” make Jess Porter’s come back a true gift in 2022.

After almost 10 years of keeping his musical focus in other projects like inuette and Catholic Guilt, Jess Porter, an Australian musician from Melbourne has made a triumphant return with a brand new single.

Inspired and influenced by bands and artists like Bon Iver, Joe Jackson, Beck, and St Vincent, Porter mixes Rock and Pop in a very unconventional way. In “Patterns” each section of the track feels unique and boredom free. Far from feeling repetitive this song has a very special dose of magic and originality.

Complex guitars, massive drums, and grounding bass support Porter’s high-pitched singing, accompanied by vocoders and wavy synths. Each transition results in a new sensation and wave of emotions. A song about breaking emotional boundaries, coming of age, and restructuring our emotional patterns…

“Patterns” is an exploration of the difficulty of altering our intimate pathways. As with many other queer people, I feel like I had a delayed adolescence and therefore I took a longer time to learn (or unlearn) some unhelpful emotional patterns. This track explores the desire to push through self-imposed walls, even when unsure how to.” – Jess Porter

For his first song in almost ten years Porter deserves all the praise, but not without the help of his longtime collaborator Nick Russell (Kings Closet). As the artist continues to get back on track, his songs have reached mayor attention, and his dynamic shows continue to shake Melbourne and beyond.

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