A delightful and magical experience delivered to us by multi-instrumentalist/artist Kevin Rieth. This joyful ride across the 60s baroque and circus-like melodies will lift up your spirit with its beautiful composition and enchanting interpretation.

Written 11 years ago when Kevin Reith was 16 yo, this song stands out with its contrasting sections and charming vibe. With unorthodox instrumentation that includes trumpets and trombones, “Robert Dufresne” is something to get a hold of.

Inspired by The Beatles, Lucius, Alabama Shakes, and Todd Rundgren, Kevin used his artistic vision to create a magical plain and tell us the story of two special characters from his musical past: Robert Dufresne, a joyful booking man who dances barefoot in the rain, and his girlfriend, Nina, a petty criminal from Spain.

“It [Robert Dufresne] was one of the very first songs I’ve ever written. I composed it on piano as a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde experience – the verses are relaxed and bouncy, but the pre-chorus and chorus suspend you in a swirl of heavy guitars.” – Kevin Reith

And to add even more excitation to the track, the artist made use of his trumpet and trombone skills to bring even more life to the already vibrating melodies. Soft and well-thought, the construction of his notes follow each other perfectly in a dancing way.

One of my favorite instruments, apart from the trumpet, was the ragtime piano. An instrument that gives the illusion of belonging to a different age, another world even, and gives the song its proper start and its perfect ending.

For first-time listeners, I’d say to expect a retro-influenced, genre-bending sound that takes you on a fantastical journey. Hints of The Beatles, 60s funk/soul, Amy Winehouse, Wilco, and Todd Rundgren.” – Kevin Reith

The single was self-recorded in a DIY studio in San Diego, CA. The project was mixed by Dan Molad (Lucius, Coco, CHIMNEY) and was mastered by Jennifer Munson at Taloowa Corporation.

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