Rat Bath – “Ragdoll”

Ragdoll” is the third and final single release from Country-Core┬áband Rat Bath, setting the mood for what their upcoming album will be. Very story-driven, this single continues the tragic story of a witch on the run, and the fight she has to stand against the persecutors.

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Just a quick recap: Rat Bath’s upcoming album, Rat From Hell, tells the story of a witch whose being hunted by a demon, a demon sent by a past abuser. Stripped of all powers by the hand of such a demon, the witch starts a devilish stand-off against both foes, the demon, and the abuser.

“Ragdoll” picks up in the story as the witch realizes that the demon has traumas too and that the only way to defeat it is to heal those traumas… The single is a portrayer of the witch making a stand against the demon.

As the song starts, we are immediately presented with a western-like guitar riff and the frantic beat of the drums as an omen of war and battle. The chorus strikes with a mighty pose, challenging and fearless.

Just as we think the battle (song) is over, we are surprised with a more somber and regretful melody. Almost as if the witch has been beaten. But au contraire, the song violently picks up with a vicious twist, preparing to strike its last, winning blow… What will happen next? Stay tuned to know!

Ragdoll, originally released as a solo track by vocalist Fred Kenyon, brings to life the chapter from Rat From Hell where our main character finds that as they are growing stronger the demon they’re in battle with is beginning to fall apart. This reflects the real-life experience where some trauma survivors learn to lean into their pain and grow from it. With spooky slide guitar and classic cowboy chords, this track maintains the band’s country edge while putting a new spin on the genre. The bass solo creates emotional depth that allows the listeners to feel power from within. Our plans for 2022 are to put out Rat From Hell in February, and then start writing a second album! Hopefully once covid cases go down, we’ll be able to keep playing shows and hopefully spend some time on the road!” – Rat Bath

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