Cam Coda “Lost It”

The end is closing in. Everything will spiral into the fiery depths and there will be no tomorrow. That’s.. a good way to describe how it feels like to be hopelessly lost. Not somewhere in a new place, but for yourself. It’s not a good place to be. “Lost It” is a fresh single from an artist who has been in that place, and it’s everything I just described and more.

Cam Coda is a multifaceted solo project of Camille Shrager. Writing music since the age of 13, she’s now producing in Ableton, creating music that could be best described as diverse, with a strong taste of inspiration from the likes of Billie Eilish, Lorde, Illenium, Excision, and Alison Wonderland among others. Her music-writing is rather liquid, flowing in pace with what inspires her the most at the time. Wherever she might go, the result is a whole package of vibes!

“I am an artist that is pretty versatile. I am a singer, songwriter, and producer so sometimes I make acoustic material with vocals and piano other times I make electronic music with synths and heavy bass it just depends what mood I’m in or what satisfies my need for emotional output at that point in time.”

“Lost It”, the newest single of Cam Coda, sports strong beats and equally in-your-face synths. Written during a time of struggles, the song comes loaded with heaviness and heated emotions, making it feel like being in a wooden cabin surrounded by out-of-control wildfire. It’s at this point when you start losing any hope for salvation, and the vocals, surrounded by the turmoil, do start asking rhetorically “What if I lost it?”

It begins deceitfully calmly at first before swirling synths and war drums take over. The song’s drops come in packed and flooding and it feels both like dipping over into the breakdown, as well as a really good song to enjoy in the whirlwind of a club dancefloor. Completely different emotions at once, but if you’re going to lose control, …why not go for all of it? I’m at this point imagining driving through a wall of hellfire.

“The vision for the cover art and the Spotify canvas was to match the out of control energy of the track by going with an orange and firey theme. The Spotify canvas and cover art was created by @seradopa, aka Miguel. The Spotify Canvas art is supposed to be a visual of peering into the center of a fire tornado – which is exactly how I felt during the writing of the lyrics for the song. I felt like a burning ball of energy that was bound to “spiral out”. I felt like I my breaks were going to give out and I was just headed toward my eventual doom. Pretty heavy stuff I know, but I am now writing an album that is EDM pop that is shimmery and uplifting and happy and bright and hopeful with a production to match the lyrics. Since I’ve made my album called “Shapeshifter” which will be released sometime this year, which is an album about a tumultuous time in my life (with songs and lyrics of a similar vain to “Lost It”), I am not in this stage of writing where I got past all the trauma writing and I am now starting to write songs with the hope that it will help other people rather than simply writing songs for my own sanity’s sake as therapy.”

It is heavy stuff indeed, but with that production, it sounds nothing short of awesome. If you like the artists that inspire Cam Coda, you’ll most definitely like her music as well!

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