Damn Renegades – “Forest Fire”

An explosion of mad cool Rock and Roll riffs and high doses of energy, “Forest Fire” is the perfect tune to head-bang your way into 2022.

Damn, do these guys knows how to rock! It’s just great to hear fresh, young bands giving their all in the name of Rock. Today’s band, Damn Renegades proves that Rock is very much alive and well…

Created by Ryan Gattini, Dillon Finn, and Vinnie Muckey, the band delivers old-school rock with hints of thrash and shredding metal. Powerful, groovy, and cool, Damn Renegades is what we’ve been expecting to happen. Inspired by bands like Black Sabbath, Nirvana, The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins, and Mastodon, these guys strike fast, hard and loud.

“Forest Fire” is their first 2022 release, following their previous single Conscience. This song, just like its predecessor, carries a lot of punch and a lot of personality. Cool, heavy riffs, smoldering bass, and an explosive drum playing make “Forest Fire” a wild tune for the ages.

Picturing himself being in a forest fire instead of his job, bassist Dillon came up with the idea, and the single came to be. A brilliantly funny, unexpected, and extremely well-made jazz bridge will catch you up by surprise and the solo that follows will simply blow your mind!

Damn Renegades was formed after the three of us met in a previous band. We discovered that we had a chemistry that allowed us to churn consistent and quality music out to the masses. – DR

A lot more could be said about these fellas, but it’s so much better if you just hit that play button. Don’t hesitate to hear their other songs as well!

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