Cmpny of Anmls- “Over Now”

Many times, being an artist implies creating a public persona for which you will be known. Keeping up with this act may sometimes be tiresome as the character we have created for ourselves replaces the one we truly are. Soon enough, we lose ourselves, becoming unable to recall who we once were. “Over Now”, the latest single from American alt-rock band Cmpny of Anmls, is about the struggle of being genuine to oneself. A darkly atmospheric track whose music paints the void its themes cover in their lyrics.

Cmpny of Anmls is made up of William Wiltshire at the guitars and vocals, Derrick Dietrich at the synths and guitars, Andy Kempt at bass, and Jason Jolin at drums. Influenced by psychedelic rock, alt-rock, and shoegaze, the band started as a weekly jam session then soon grew and developed into a full musical project. They started playing in live venues, headlining indie festivals. “Over Now” is a single of their next EP. It was recorded at a home studio in Engoument Records in Lakeland, Florida by Chris Harry, mixed by Harry and William Wiltshire, and finally mastered by Andres Mayo in Los Angeles.

-Everyday we either give life to the real us or we murder him inorder to conform to society’s conventional way of doing life.- “I realized that I had murdered the real me years ago and let an imposter move in. Every once in a while the “real me” comes out and I flourish. I battle daily to be true to myself. This song discusses that and its a product of resurrecting the real me from the dead and letting him come out to play.”

William Wiltshire

“Over Now” creates a dark atmosphere with its echoes and instrumentation. Cmpny of Anmls presents a mood that seamlessly fits the dark themes and self-reflection of the lyrics. We feel immersed in the sounds of the tracks as the band little by little builds up the tension of the track. Wiltshire’s vocals feel as if they were the voices inside our heads telling us the truth about ourselves. The track standout moment is the synth solo that serves as an outro of the single as if it was the last moment of our true selves fading out into nothingness…

In CMPNY of ANMLS, I strive to set a mood. Present the scene and I want the listener to get lost in it. I try to be honest and sincere in every note and lyric. I am more concerned about how a song makes one feel then anything else. We have one rule: If you can’t hum it then don’t play it.” William Wiltshire

Cmpny of Anmls has composed a track that counts with both musical and psychological depth. “Over Now” makes us enter an existential crisis with its mere musical prowess. It is a track that makes us excited for the direction Cmpny of Anmls has taken and it sure does makes us expect their upcoming EP even more!

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