Jana & Jorge “Time Goes Fast”

It is very little that can limit the creativity of a person, quite the contrary – perhaps some of the best creations come from being surrounded by limitations. Jana & Jorge is a great example of this. This duo stands with one side in New York and the other in Peru, consisting of producer and songwriter Izquierdo and an established musician Jana. Formed almost as if it’s a match made in heaven, the two share a lot of views and hold common love for touching listeners through their music. Their lively and heartfelt sound with lyrics formed on relatable themes has definitely reached many hearts.

Their newest single “Time Goes Fast” brings forth the smooth genre-bridging atmosphere heavy with the notions of passing time. Jana’s soaring and vibrant voice really hits the heights of emotions in here while the instrumentation feels like a refreshing hybrid of indie rock with elements of jazz and soul. The song begins with a shiny and slightly doozy flute melody bringing in some more of that essence coming from time’s inevitable flow. That same sound returns during the choruses, heightening the spirit every time. It’s a lively song full of many enjoyable little elements that join in as the song progresses, and the whole song is a wonderful experience in itself.

There’s nothing not to love in this song – the production is awesome and immersive, the vocals are some of the better ones I’ve heard (that’s saying a lot), and the song just perfectly catches the feeling – Time Goes Fast.
The song’s 5 minutes also go surprisingly fast!

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