CALL IN DEAD – “DCxPC Live Presents Call In Dead”

After releasing single after single past 2021, our favorite punks have returned once more to present to us the full package! A collection of singles in their “DCxPC Live Presents: Call In Dead”! Boy, oh boy, are we thrilled!

Since “Summer Camp” was released on April 30th, 2021, Call In Dead has proved time and time again, single after single, that they are reckless, heavy, and dope. Their brutal combination of skacore with hardcore makes them a really fun band to listen to and headbang to.

And now, you can listen seamlessly through all their songs on Spotify or any other streaming platform! “DCxPC Live Presents: Call In Dead” gathers each single previously released by them, including Fight of the Bumblebee, Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans, and Pepto Bismol!

The physical album has nearly sold out, and the singles have garnered great press and a lot of Spotify plays. All four singles (Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans, Summer Camp, Fight of the Bumblebee, and Pepto Bismol) will be released as a combined EP/Album on Spotify on 1/14. Now listeners can experience the full album seamlessly instead of just as singles.” – CID

I had the absolute pleasure to speak with one of Call In Dead’s own legends, who also happens to be one of the creators of DCxPC Live: Scott, aka Mr. P! You can read our conversation right here, only in Less Than 1000…

MadZen: Hi man!! It’s a pleasure to be speaking with you, congratulations on your new release, I’ve been a fan of Call In Dead since I first heard your music. Prior to this interview you told me you are a teacher, tell me, I’m I speaking to the very same Mr. P of CID??

Mr. P: That’s dope dude. Thanks for sure. Yes, indeed that is me.

MadZen: That’s sick!

Mr. P: Right on. It’s literally sick with all the kids being out with Covid these past two weeks.

MadZen: Haha, for sure! So, here’s a question for you… How on earth does a Catholic school teacher manage to be in a punk band, while also creating their own record label AND being a father of two?

Mr. P: LOL. Fair question. I’ve got a master’s in social studies and just fell into the Catholic school gig. I’m not Catholic, but I get treated really well. My kids are 13 and 11, so it’s easier than it used to be, and the label was one of the good things that came out of the pandemic.

I needed something creative that could replace the loss of shows and the loss of being in the classroom instead of being on Zoom. Luckily I have a partner with DCxPC Live who is also the bass player in CID. Couldn’t do this without Mike.

MadZen: Yes, teamwork is the key isn’t it? … It is quite astonishing what you’ve accomplished with DCxPC. Some people think that Punk is dead but you guys have proven time and time again that belief is wrong. What do you think about the impact of Punk music in recent years, and what do you believe will be the future for it in 2022?

Mr. P: As long as there are people out there that want to make creative music with something to say DIY punk music will live. I think it will continue to influence kids and the world. I see a lot of the ideas from punk rock spreading from the do-it-yourself ethic to the sense of community. Those are the things I cherish the most. I think that once the pandemic subsides, there will be a new legion of young people starting bands with more diversity. When I was a kid it was really a young white male scene, but I love seeing it expand racially and gender-wise. And openness to the LGBTQ community at least here in Orlando is great.

The label does not and probably will never make us money, but we believe in documenting the scene and supporting bands and people we love.

MadZen: That is awesome, that sense of community is what other genres are lacking, everyone seems to be stuck in their own selfish patterns. The support given in the Punk community is truly something we could all learn from, no matter the genre.

Mr. P: Most other genres have beliefs that they can make it. Part of punk is knowing that you probably won’t, so why compete for a brass ring that probably won’t be there. Just be and do your best and help others.

Or the definition of making it isn’t to be a star, but to be together long enough to put out great music and meet new people. I’ve been doing this for 35 years, and I can’t see a reason to ever stop.

I always tell my students that being in a band is like being married to 3 people you wouldn’t even date. The secret of success is to somehow spend night after night in a little box on wheels playing to a dozen people on zero sleep without getting a “divorce” because you’re tired and broke but still love the people and music.

MadZen: That’s some real shit right there… So, tell me, Mr. P, what are your plans for Call In Dead, and DCxPC in 2022? I know you’ve probably just answered my question but, I’d like to know what will follow.

Mr. P: Call in Dead has a full length coming out on Wrecking Crew Records up in Canada. It’s being pressed now. It has our old singer on it. I say old because Jaeh has decided to step aside and focus on work and family. We love him to death though. We are auditioning for new singers now.

DCxPC Live has A LOT

We have several albums in the works: The Goons from DC from a show in the 1990s, The Ratchet Boys (ska from Baltimore) that will be a benefit for bone marrow transplants in dedication to their singer who died from cancer a few years ago …

Split with Orlando’s The Hamiltons and Grave Return is being pressed now. A split with Orlando’s Swift Knuckle Solution and Curtains is being mixed. As well as a live set we recorded with Some Kind of Nightmare a month ago. Additionally, we are planning to record…

NYC’s Public Serpents in February, West Florida bands: Rath and the Wise Guys and The Cutoffs in March, and I’ve got feels out with various bands who are trying to capture their live sets. Locally I could do none of this without Josh Dobbs and Danger Room Recording Services. He records all of our live sets for the most part whether they are live streams from his studio or live shows at the fabulous Uncle Lous.

We were supposed to record Fortitude from FL a few months back, but they had some family and health issues, so I’m hoping to reconnect with them soon when they are ready. I’ve also talked to Rough Dose from Richmond, Rise Defy from DC and American Television from DC. So hopefully they will pan out.

It helps that I’ve got the DC contacts and Mike has the FL contacts from growing up in Port Charlotte which is why we are DCxPC. My bandmates almost hate how much I say DC. They introduce me as Scott from DC all the time. I can’t help it if I grew up in a seminal hardcore town.

It’s a lot. Luckily bands move slowly so it never seems like I”m doing them all at once. “Luckily” cause sometimes I wish they’d move faster, but punk bands all have lives and jobs, so it takes time.

(By this time Mr. P’s time was about to end and had to return to his classroom so we wrapped it up there, what an absolute legend…)

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