Joshua Woo “10-2-1”

Alone, left to do a job while everyone else has gone away. Today’s single is a story of a character with that exact fate, an audio diary tackling the loneliness and all that comes with the job.

Joshua Woo is a young producer and singer-songwriter creating moody multifaceted songs that carry genes of multiple genres. There is an undeniable load of emotion present in his songs, and the artist describes his songs as “anxiety ballads”. Pulling themes from both his personal life as well as going into the imaginary worlds, the quiet sense of existential dread is always present with its many faces. Be it mental health struggles or a day or of the life of a fictional character, all off that is carefully interpreted in the multilayered sound perfect at bringing forth all of the emotions. In a way, they’re like short audio-based movies.

“So I’m very much a fan of artists who never quite stayed in one genre but always seemed to be exactly themselves at the same time. Like David Bowie, Radiohead or The Beatles. So you can expect that same kind of restless experimentation but for it to still be accessible. I like to keep things fresh basically.”

Joshua Woo

His newest single “10-2-1” is one of those to walk the path of imagination. This indie-rock tune comes together with heavy emotions, being the longing and regretful ballad of the last person on earth. Beginning with long echoing choral voices, the mood is set for a long day spent so alone. In many ways, it’s like a human version of Wall-E, except this fictional character, is stuck alone pondering about the whole existence, whilst walking along the surface on his own. It’s a truly eery song that definitely leaves you thinking. Is it a job, or is it a punishment?

The single carries many moments of ethereal sounds that come along with the somber opera vocals further sinking into that dreaded feeling. There’s some masterfully executed sound design and choice of synths going on in the song, giving a slight sense of it happening in a future world, while the general mood of the song serves as a warning sign: Be careful what you wish for, and the destructive forces of climate change.

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