My Fine Companions- “O Daughter”

My Fine Companions’ latest single “O Daughter” reflects on the relationships we maintain with people, no matter how far they may seem from us. Characterized by the already well-known style of the band and told by a dialogue between two voices, one male, another female, the track is deeply personal: it captures the essence of distance and the love we profess to those who are most important to us.

My Fine Companions is an Americana band and country folk band based in London. The six (and sometimes seven) person ensemble is led by Nick Kidney, multi-instrumentalist and main songwriter of the band. “O Daughter” is the second single from their upcoming fourth album. The track was inspired by the departure of Kidney’s daughter, Alice, from the family home. Being far away from her made Kidney think about the relationship of the three most important women in his life his daughter, his mother, and his wife. With this in mind, he began writing the song. “O Daughter” is a track with a very personal backstory behind it. But what makes the track truly special is the fact that alongside Nick Kidney sings his own daughter Alice! After six months of absence, she returned and agreed to contribute to putting the final cherry on top.

“O Daughter” is a track structured by question and answer. First, the male vocals (sang by Nick Kidney) sing about a concern regarding the relationships of those women closest to him. Then, the female vocals (sang by Alice Kidney) reassure him that everything will be fine by taking the voice of a daughter and a mother. In this way, My Fine Companions are able to successfully deliver the themes and the reflections of the track. The father/daughter duo has a chemistry that further solidifies “O Daughter” as a hit. And that’s not all: My Fine Companions’ signature sound of guitars, this time accompanied by a string section, gives the track an emotional depth that makes us think about our own relationships.

“O Daughter” is a personal track that is able to strum the heartstrings of every listener. My Fine Companions capture the essence of family relationships and put it in song, alongside setting the bar high for their future projects. Don’t miss it!

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