Rosie Alexandra “Lullaby”

It’s Friday once again, which means fresh new sounds. This time they come from the quiet serene realms and invite the listeners to dive deeper into themselves. A story of a woman.

The story is titled “Lullaby“, an echoing and ethereal ballad featuring an acoustic guitar and the singer’s voice in an intimate setup. Written in dedication to the artist’s sister and best friend, “Lullaby” is a song of a woman who’s had to endure more pain than she should. Rosie’s voice carries a love message with the soulful way she sings that also shows the troubled and frazzled feelings with rather painful clarity but also acts as a balsam to relieve pain, and this is the thing that I love the most in this track. A real window into the life of someone who is so tired of this all, and has only this lullaby left to keep them up and going.

“Lullaby” has a strongly stripped-back feeling which somehow still leaves the song perfectly full-bodied, a feature that’s not very easily achievable. The lyrics and that almost breaking voice also feel so real and honest, because that’s what they are – they’re reflections on Rosie Alexandra’s experiences as a woman. The melodies carry a soothing feel that smoothens out the pain similar to how a sugary tea would improve someone who had feeling down. While the singer’s voice swells to lament, the guitar grows with it as a comforting presence. And even when the lyrics are sad they’re also full of positivity, you get a beautiful soothing ballad that sways in intensity but never drops the quiet warming feel.

The single will feature as the title track on Rosie Alexandra’s upcoming debut EP.
Rosie also sent a message introducing herself and the music she creates:

“I’m Rosie Alexandra, a Brightonian at heart grounded in Soul, RnB and Gospel roots. I’m here to use my voice to bring about change by pouring my heart into every soul-full melody. My sound is Pop-Soul and goes back to ‘pop’ in its most natural form, drawing on sentimental ballad style and rich harmony from jazz, gospel and soul. My lifelong inspos are Yebba, Bill Withers, Adele, Stevie Wonder and Jorja Smith so harnessing power and rawness in both lyrics and tone is second nature to me. The influence I draw from the warm textures of Bill Withers and the raw honesty of Jorja Smith creates a beautiful, bold tenderness.

Rosie Alexandra

My music encapsulates my strong mind with my passionately loving heart and each song is a fragment of my journey, that echoes the reflections of my soul. So, if you love living life fully and authentically you’ll love what I have to say through my music. Join the RA fam on any of my socials! @rosiealexandramusic.”

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