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Hi you all, dear friends, welcome to your Blog Less Than 1,000 Followers, today I have for you one of my favorite artists from last year, I’m talking about my dear Abby London, such a creative force that we present with her debut single last June on release day Anxiety and later on September arrived Bushes.

Now the first single for 2022 Miss Him the Most is a track that feels so close to my heart, I have to say that I’m a dog person but this track is so easy to feel related to, you might not know, but I have been there, last year we as a family lost two of our Pomeranians, one almost 12 years old Amadeus and Belinda almost 8 years, so this track bring both to my mind.

“I had to put this out to close a chapter of my life and open a new one.” Says Abby. She wrote the song to honor Kronos, a long hair black cat she sort of rescued from an ex-boyfriend named Jeff in 2014. Abby first met Kronos when going over to Jeff’s house for the first time. She had an instant connection with Kronos as he plopped right on her and they shared a sunbathing session. Jeff moved in with Abby and brought Kronos along and had Abby officially adopt him. He needed a lot of care. Abby got him fixed up, the hair missing from his belly grew back, he got fancy cat food, and lots of attention It was a real rags to riches story.

“There needs to be more songs about pets”, says Abby. “They are so special and need more tributes people can relate to. Mine combines joy and sadness.” Abby London

Absolutely agree with you Abby, we need more tributes like this one for our pet friends/family, if this eternal lockdown brings to a lot of us was not only to spend a lot of time in our homes, but to enjoy more our lives with our pets, and if you already love them and of course, they love you unconditionally, this time together makes these relations even closer, the great moments that they bring to our lives are priceless and this tribute that Abby did to Kronos is a great way to say thank you and goodbye, anyway they’re living in our memories and hearts.

So thank you Abby for such a lovely track, so wait no more time and go and listen to this track and also you can watch the video that she did for Kronos here:

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