Long Way Ahead” is a soothing rock track that tries to bring hope to anyone struggling with difficult times. A ballad that merges a unique voice and a masterful composition deserving to be in everyone’s playlists.

We are no stranger to tough times, especially since the pandemic hit. But there are a lot of people still suffering out there and today’s band, The Midnight Vortex, has released their new single to deliver a message of love and optimism.

“The track was inspired by the extreme situations, both physical and mental, that people can find themselves in surrounding war and tough times in life in general – it talks about finding hope through sufferance.” – TMV

Created by a group of friends and musicians itching to play live and jump into the music scene, The Midnight Vortex is comprised of Bri Macanas (vox/percussion), Mouad Qach (lead guitar/bvs), Robin Thunders (lead guitar), Danny Sands (bass/bvs) and Rabie Targu (drums).

These five friends see in each other a family and an Oasis whenever they get together to rehearse. Just like their debut single, “Before You Know”, “Long Way Ahead” is a longing ballad, but the band carries a heavy influence of Rock and Grunge bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and The Doors.

“We hope anyone who listens is able to hear something relatable in the lyrics and find their own stories in our songs. We like to keep the meaning ambiguous and open to listeners to interpret in their own way.” – TMV

So far, the band has released two singles but hold in their hands a lot more colors and bangers waiting to be shown and released to all of us. In the meantime, we can relax and feel uplifted by their new track and relish Bri’s vocals. You can really tell the chemistry between these guys and it is such a pleasure to be writing for them.

“Both our debut releases have been on the slower ballad-y end of the spectrum, which is nice and they’re nice tracks, but I’m really looking forward to recording and releasing some of our bangers!” – Bri

“Long Way Ahead” was recorded at Gun Factory Studios, Homerton. Produced and engineered by Tom McFall. Co-Produced by William Robertson. Mixed by William Robertson. Mastered by Pete Maher.

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