Alex Spinney “Boodiyayay”

This time I start this blog with a curious word I’ve never seen before, and I bet you haven’t either. It’s Boodiyayay. Among its many possible meanings, there is one thing that’s certain – it’s the title of a new single Alex Spinney has just dropped!

Alex Spinney is a fresh voice in the realm of contemporary pop. Hailing from South London, the man is a singer-songwriter creating genre-blending music with a rich cinematic feel to it. His voice is pleasantly smooth and clean, and when it’s accompanied with piano and completed with the rather incredible production, the result is a true love of a sound. Full of energy, rich yet spacious, and wholly emotional. His debut release saw a calmer more poignant piano ballad side. The newest release though is something completely different!

The promisingly lush voice starts the song with the word “Boodiyayay“, the title of this stormy blues-rock single. The beginning is rather quiet, but don’t be fooled – there’s a lot of that burning passion and wrath underneath the still stable flow of energy, and that’s just the start. The storm of emotions is just about to pick up, and so does the song’s energy. Enthralling percussion that’s about to grow into something of war, those pleasingly layered vocals, and a cherry on the cake, a violin that’s singing its melody in the middle of all those flames and smoke.

Described by the artist as a song of fiery brutal breakup after a relationship of struggles, “Boodiyayay” is a song that unleashes all those raging emotions, a wildfire of revenge.
Talking of fire, the artist has also created a video for this song and that features, you guessed it, fire, and it’s the destructive all-consuming kind of fire.

5 years ago I recorded a voice note walking around London that had the ‘Boodiyayay’ riff in. Then a few years later, when I had returned to songwriting, I decided to make a song out of it!

As for what “Boodiyayay” means as a word, Alex Spinney leaves it sweetly open for interpretation. : )

I would say that I like to write emotive melodies and big choruses, add layers of harmonies, and then blend this pop sound with a few other genres.

Alex Spinney

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