Eruption Artistique cool new video “Ball & Chain”

A marvelous experience, both musically and visually. The artistic creation by Eruption Artistique this alternative collective makes the beginning of 2022 a lot more fun and interesting. Hit that play button now if you want to be entertained. This is great!

Wow! That’s all I want to say. After everything that’s happened since 2020, this is what I think we all need: to break from the metaphorical (or not so much) Ball&Chain. And of course, everything you need to do is just watch Eruption Artistique’s new music video.

Now, it’s very hard for me to write an objective opinion about “Ball & Chain” (part of the EP Vicar Pop released last year September 27), especially about the video, as it is all very subjective. Beauty, and truth, are in the eye of the beholder, and so it must be your own personal perception that gives meaning to it. Mine is this: Don’t be fooled. Rebel, break everything, escape from the toxicity of modern society and build your own. Don’t do what you’re told.

The most probable thing right now is that you don’t know who Eruption Artistique is, so let me introduce you to them: An alternative collective born from these confusing times, where culture and artistic initiatives are suffering. The non-conformist artistic collective tries to shed a light for everyone with pure Indie Rock & Roll and absurdist clips. The group consists of musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and actors.

“We are for love, tolerance, and equality and try to fight conservatism, racism, and bourgeoisie culturally.” – EA

A monkey-man, hazard suits, bum-bunnies, a strong man, a cool trippy shirt… That’s what you’ll be able to notice right away in the music video. A girl in distress and a window-licking man are later added to the mix. Everything seems to be out of context like taken out of a circus raffle, but in essence, I think there might be more to it than meets the eye. Anyways, you’ll be the judge of that!

And of course… the song is awesome! Very cool with its brass sections, the different moods and melodies, the thought-provoking lyrics, its voices, and the great finale. It all checks out, it is truly a delightful experience, at least it was to me! Kind of stepping out of the matrix for three minutes and thirty seconds. Just great.

“For us, Rock n’Roll is two things. First of all, it is: making music as cool as we can. Sick hooks, catchy tunes, etc. The second is to spread a message of love. We hate conservative and racist powers talking hate etc. We say: be tolerant, be yourself, party, help people, make the world a little bit cooler, and most of all be a lover, not a fighter. We don’t want to get paid or being influenced in whatever way. We are completely free. That is also where the video is about. Let nobody tell you what to do. Hey Hey My My…RNR will never Die. Cheers” – Eruption Artistique

I for one can’t wait to hear (and see) what these guys release next, thanks to them my hope and wonder for music in 2022 has been restored.

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