Roses In Hand “Paradise”

A glowing red rose is a symbol of romance and love. Growing, nourishing, and caring for the flower symbolizes keeping the love alight, usually in a romantic way. Roses in Hands’ newest single take that symbolism and applies it to the journey of finding your self-worth through the power of love.

Roses in Hand is a duo formed by singer-songwriter Jessica Allen and producer Samuel Burrell. That musical spark was alight ever since the pair met at a movie writing set, and now they have won plenty of awards, for example, “Restart” got applauded for good songwriting. Speaking of which, the duo writes music that is underground on one hand and bracing the appealing pop vibes with the other. Themes are inspired by living as a human person – love and struggling walk hand-in-hand in their immersive genre-crossing sound.

Dropped in the second half of December, “Paradise” is a single coming full of popping vibes and positivity. It’s an electropop song first striking as a love song with the ecstatic summery chorus stating “You’re my paradise!”. Listening to the lyrics more closely reveals the single’s true nature: it is a song of love that fuels reassurance and finding peace within yourself. The rose I talked about in the beginning features in the song’s music video, and it further instills the true meaning: show love and care to your close one, and they will grow brightest!

“Paradise” also sparkles, shimmers, and glistens on top of its smooth synth chord backdrop. Never dropping the uplifting emotions, the song soars like an embodiment of summer-fueled love. The vocals bring out the emotions even more – there is softness with slight undertones of insecurity, which quickly replaces with the exclamation of unsurpassed appreciation. The song’s instrumental side is also really busy, featuring backing vocals and multiples of synths among many more. “Make sure you listen to the track more than once, and with good headphones. You’ll hear something new each time,” as advised by the duo. They ain’t wrong!

The sheer energy and positivity this song features is a pretty new direction for the artist, and they admitted struggling with getting it to feel just right at first. The results definitely seem to be well worth it as I noticed a play count of 15 thousand for this song on Spotify. It’s a good number, and it shows what people really need in these times – a glimmer of positivity!
Roses In Hand also shared a bit on what they’ll be up to in the near future:

“If you haven’t heard of us, we definitely like to experiment with different genres. In 2022, we aim to get more of our music out into the world. We’ll be continuing with this more “upbeat” vibe, and slowly introducing our love for darker elements.”

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