Avaraj “Skeletons Fall”

Avaraj is quite likely a familiar name to some of you. Around July last year, she released a single “World So Cold“, which was then followed with a debut EP in September – “Outside Looking In“. Now, the indie-pop artist has returned with new material up in her sleeve, and the first out is a new single “Skeletons Fall“.

Living in Atlanta, Georgia, Avaraj is an alias of Storme Vaughn, who creates music as an emotional outlet. Driven by her desire to connect with the listeners and help bring about a better life, Avaraj’s music features honest heartfelt lyrics anyone could relate to. Those lyrics are wrapped in catchy moody soundscapes with various genre-crossing influences, offering something for every taste.

“Skeletons Fall”, dropped just over the weekend, is a shortish RnB-flavored pop single. It’s a rather straightforward song with lyrics spoken out by a smooth voice, reading like a page out of a personal diary. It was inspired by that specific kind of worry one would get after speaking openly about some pretty personal issues, and that’s quite exactly what Avaraj’s other songs are about – they connect through unfiltered honesty. The worry, however, is rooted in the fear that speaking out your mind will affect others’ perspectives of you negatively. A relatable song for anyone who has felt anxious about being hated on for something they said. Also, a good call not to judge a person for being open about their personal struggles.

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